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“The trail tests your riding skills beyond paved and unknown surfaces”
Remember: Don’t fight Mother Nature
From simple trekking to off-road driving and now motorcycle adventure riding, the so-called 'laharlandia' in Porac, Pampanga, is fast becoming a popular destination for those seeking extreme thrills.Considering the Golden Trail's proximity to Metro Manila, more and more
Whoever said you can’t enjoy both off-road and tarmac?
I have been told riding on the tarmac is very different from riding on a dirt road. This is followed by assertions that a lot of MotoGP legends, among them Valentino Rossi, improved their performance in circuit racing by regularly riding dirt
These biker girls want to play dirty!
My first encounter with a flat track course was during the 'Keep it Dirty 2' event. Since it was my first time, I felt shy since there were so many spectators. In short, it was a half-baked experience.So when an
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