Music to our ears
Toyota has been on a roll when it comes to hot hatches lately. Obviously, there's the GR Yaris. And then the GR Corolla, an option for those who want a little more space and practicality to go with the package.The
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Normally, when someone brings up campers, you think of go-anywhere SUVs and pickups or perhaps tricked-out vans. But does a rulebook dictating a camper's size requirements exist? The answer is no.Frankly, any vehicle capable of accommodating some sort
Would you equip your ride with the material?
There's a reason moneyed motorists are willing to shell out a premium to replace standard car parts with components made of carbon fiber-and it isn't just because that stealthy weave pattern looks cool.The material is both light and
Gas station trauma will be a thing of the past
Over the years, bidets have become relatively commonplace inside coffee shop and restaurant bathrooms. Gas stations, though? In most cases, a trusty tabo is the best you're going to get.It's a damn shame if we're being honest, and
Not bad at all, we think
We think we speak for the majority of car guys when we say the next-generation Toyota Vios is a step up from the current one when it comes to aesthetics. Agree?It's not that the current Vios looks bad-it'
To be honest, we can't imagine that detailing cars-as in the real dirty work-level stuff-is all that glamorous. But damn, we can't help but dream of doing it for a living after watching this video.As far
What exactly is it?
At first glance, the vehicle you see before you is a pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser J60. Four-strip grille design, rounded headlights, and rectangular blinkers-pretty standard stuff, right? Well, not exactly.Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as internet celebrity
Good job
Trying to keep a test mule, especially one as eye-catching as a Lamborghini, inconspicuous on public roads is no easy task.Obviously, the main challenge is driving a low-riding exotic covered in camouflage on the down-low. Lamborghini didn't
But is it coded, though? (We’re joking)
Damn. We know getting a license plate number that's to your liking is a big deal-but is it really worth spending a premium on?Let us clarify, first. When we say premium in this case, we aren't referring to
Remember when we wrote about a P1.1 billion mansion with a 15-car garage you can use to show off your prized rides? It was definitely neat, but not exactly something you'd need in your home if you're trying
Now this is what we call a road trip
On paper, blowing the last of your savings to go on an epic road trip doesn't sound like the best of ideas. This, though, didn't stop four dudes from doing exactly that-embarking on a 6,000km voyage from Kenya
How much for just the garage?
How much would you be willing to spend to ensure your ride is safe from the elements? A proper car cover from Lazada, perhaps? Maybe it's time you invested in securing a parking slot inside your condo's garage?But what
Don’t lose your lunch
One gadget I've long considered buying for myself is a virtual reality headset. But while the thought of taking my gaming experience to the next level is one that intrigues me, I hold off because of a fear that I'll
Mesmerizing stuff
Considering durable manhole or drainage covers are all that's keeping your car's wheels from being consumed by the abyss in the event of a flood, you'd hope a lot of work goes into making them as reliable as possible.
Familiar with the wheel clamp or parking boot? Then you're probably aware that once one of these babies is slapped onto your vehicle, your best course of action is to pay a fine and have it removed by authorities. Chances are
This should be worth a sub
The Autohub Group, one of the country's top automotive distributors, is expanding its presence online with the launch of a brand-new YouTube channel.In a statement, the company said that this development will allow it better serve its clients. How?
What’s your opinion on scissor doors?
A couple of weeks ago, we featured a wild-looking Subaru BRZ that rode just an inch off the ground. We called it one of the most extreme builds we've ever come across-at least when we're talking stanced-out
Could you do this?
You know how sometimes after going the wrong way, you'd rather just keep on driving ahead instead of inconveniencing yourself with a tight U-turn? We think that might have been the most logical course of action in this scenario.Thing
Would you like to see a remake featuring the GR86?
The old-school AE86 is car that will always hold a special place in the hearts of Toyota fans. This isn't just because the vehicle represents a simpler time of JDM purity, but also because of Initial D.The anime series
Would you like to see other car brands making the same moves?
In-car features have come a long way throughout the years, especially in the entertainment department. What used to be 1DIN and 2DIN head units fitted in brand-new cars have now become large infotainment displays that allow drivers to use a
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