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That’s one way to celebrate your 125th anniversary
The world has gone mad for super SUVs
Right. Let's all agree here and now that the world doesn't need any more tuned Audi RSQ8s. This has to be the final one.This is ABT's second attempt at fettling Audi's flagship SUV after its first try
We like how they exercised restraint
We've always maintained that Audi's rather delightful S8 would make a grand movie getaway car. Supernaturally powerful. Fast. Discreet. German tuner ABT agrees on that latter point because aesthetically, it's only added a new rear spoiler to this modded
That's almost as much power as the current 911 Carrera S
The Audi RSQ3 did not need more power. Giving what's basically a Nissan Qashqai with a bigger grille, a posh touchscreen, and a German accent, its 394hp straight from the factory was already quite spicy.Alas, friends, this memo failed to
Meet the RS6-R
The newest generation of the Audi RS6 is no shrinking violet. It sits squat with arches as big as The Rock's shoulders and a face that mothers wouldn't even dare to love. We absolutely adore it.Clearly, that wasn't
Too much is just right
ABT Sportsline is fond of tuning up the odd Audi here and there. Mostly everywhere, if we're honest, and the latest is a booster pack for the RS7. Not a car lacking in boost, but then nothing in the world makes
The initial sketches are promising
German tuner ABT hearts the Audi RS6, but judging by this initial teaser sketch of an upcoming 'Power-Avant,' we're not so sure the Audi RS6 hearts ABT. It doesn't look particularly pleased to be here.Not that it matters,
And it looks stunning
If you saw the new Mercedes-AMG A45 S the other week, with its 415hp and fancy drift mode and thought 'well that looks a bit tame', then you should really close your laptop or put down your phone at this point.
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