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For your automotive needs
This shop is along Daang Hari in Alabang, within the compound of the Phoenix gas station in the area. It offers plenty of services like auto detailing, full automobile wraps, and polishing your headlights and putting protective film on them. They also
It has carbon bits, too
Baselworld 2019 is currently ongoing in Switzerland. In case you're not familiar, the annual event is basically the North American International Auto Show of the watch world. Each year, the world's biggest watchmakers reveal their latest pieces and
Look good behind the wheel, or anywhere else
Okay, show of hands: If you won the lotto, would you buy a Ferrari? We're guessing that quite a few of you out there would. Many of us grew up fantasizing about models like the F40, the Testarossa, the 288
Happy International Dog Appreciation Day!
In case you didn't know, August 26 is International Dog Appreciation Day. Now, our appreciation of dogs never takes a day off, but it's nice to know the world's most reliable source of online video humor gets its own
Is it that bad?
The idea to test a CD-R King dash camera has been in the Top Gear pipeline for quite a while now. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, this review's been plotted in our calendar for about half a
Do you wear them behind the wheel?
Like my jackets (of which I have about 50 now), I also have an extensive collection of driving gloves.Each time I go to Super Autobacs Tokyo Bay Shinonome, I buy a pair of FET Sports driving gloves. I have four of
An emergency essential
The Philippines is in the Ring of Fire, and as history has shown, there's no telling what kind of calamity will befall us. And if you so happen to be riding in your car when the big flood, typhoon, or earthquake
One tough timepiece
When you're out battling against Mother Nature in your badass 4x4, you need a watch that's just as tough. Luminox's new line of timepieces, made from the gearhead-pleasing element carbon, aims to deliver just that.The Carbon SEAL
Riders are entitled to use Waze too!
No one is exempted from Metro Manila's monstrous traffic. As it gets worse every day, cars, trucks and buses are not the only ones that suffer in gridlock but motorcycles, too. These two-wheelers are helpless when they turn into a
Keep an eye out for the C-HR
The Tokyo Auto Salon-one of the world's craziest displays of automotive creativity-was held last week. If you missed any updates regarding the annual event, we don't blame you; our feeds have been absolutely swamped by news from Detroit
See prices and details
It has become a tradition during local Honda launches to feature Modulo- (and Mugen-) kitted versions alongside the standard ones. For the Civic's debut this year, what we saw instead were older generations that were a throwback to the model'
For those who really love to drive
The BMW M3 has always been one of the most desirable models to ever come out of Munich. Since the M Division released the first M3 back in 1985, car enthusiasts the world over have wanted a taste of this compact that
As sale of production model nears
Mazda has revealed at the ongoing Chicago Motor Show what it calls the MX-5 Accessories Design concept just before the actual production car goes on sale later this year. More importantly, the Japanese carmaker has revealed the output of the MX-
What does it include?
The Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S, in standard forms, are already highly desirable performance cars. Launched in the Philippines early last year by PGA Cars, these two 911 models rank high up the list of car guys who want the
Shown at the recent PIMS
First shown as a prototype during the new Honda City's launch early this year, the City VX Mugen Special Edition was finally introduced largely unchanged at the recently concluded Philippine International Motor Show.The VX Mugen edition's factory-installed improvements
Followed by Honda San Pablo
Honda Cars Greenhills has just become the first Honda dealership in the country to have a dedicated corner for Mugen and Modulo accessories. Called the "Honda Accessory Corner," the showroom store is being piloted first at Honda Cars Greenhills and Honda Cars
Specifically the G variants
In the first two months of this year, the Ford Ranger outsold the Toyota Hilux, 1,056 units to 861. Which is understandable considering the former is a much newer model than the latter. But you have to understand, too, that Toyota
Do they suit your taste?
At the official launch of the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 sedan last night at SMX Aura Convention Center, one particular unit stood out among the display cars. It was a Majestic Red unit that sported genuine accessories. By "genuine," we mean aftermarket items--
They\'re very expensive, mind you
Let\'s face it: Most of us will never get to own a Ferrari in our lifetime. Especially if we don\'t enter politics or engage in some curious commercial undertaking. But it\'s never wrong to dream. It is probably for
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