It’s called ‘Type S: Chiaki’s Journey’
Nostalgia. In its most basic form, it's a careful filtering of the past, taking out all the rubbish bits of your younger years-acne, fear of talking to someone you like, owning a Limp Bizkit album-and painting a portrait so
It’s just a prototype, but we’re not expecting a lot of changes from here
Blimey, we're jealous of Americans right now. Honda (well, Acura) is bringing back the Integra, and this is what it'll look like.Technically speaking, what you see above is the Acura Integra Prototype, but we doubt it'll change
Purists, rejoice
Very little about the next-generation Honda Integra was made known when the brand released a teaser of the vehicle late last month. All we have is that it'll be available as a five-door sedan like the original and will
The carmaker has just teased the all-new model’s stylish rear end
You may know by now that the Honda Integra is set to make a comeback, but we still don't have a lot of details about it yet. But now, the carmaker has released a new teaser image of the next-gen
Is there a chance of it landing on our shores?
There's plenty of big news streaming out of Monterey Car Week in the US. But if you've had your fill of £2m hypercars, then here's some marvelous news for those of us living in the real world: the Integra
This limited-edition model marks the end of the second-gen NSX
Honda has officially unveiled the new NSX Type S, the final version and last hurrah of the second-generation NSX.It doesn't look any different from the standard second-gen NSX, save for a few tweaks including the new exclusive matte
The performance nameplate is making its comeback this year
As many of you may already know by now, Acura is resurrecting its famed Type S badge. As a matter of fact, we've already gotten a glimpse of a new high-performance sedan bearing the Type S moniker in the new
It also comes with Acura’s ‘Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive’ system
We really wish Acuras were available here in our market. Every time Honda's premium division reveals a new model, we just keep feeling like we're missing out. And now that Acura has revived the Type S badge and officially revealed
Another brand we wish was available locally
Here in the Philippines, many car brands and their products are relegated to the realm of 'if only' due to prevailing market conditions. Translation: It just wouldn't make sense to bring them over. We think, though, that cars shouldn't always
The design just bagged Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award to end 2020
We can probably agree that the new Acura TLX is quite the stunner. The stylish sports sedan has the looks with a capable 272hp, 379Nm 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger to boot. That's why it sucks that we probably won'
We’d love to see this brand here
Acura, Honda's luxury arm with most of its business in the United States, has unveiled the second generation of its TLX 'sports sedan,' and boy, are we gutted it won't be sold over here.The standard TLX will now be
It’s called ‘Beat That’ by Acura, and you can play it for free
Procrastinating is fun, isn't it? Whether it's spending hours perfecting your virtual B3 on Alpina's configurator, shopping the classifieds for something you can actually afford (but definitely shouldn't buy), or catching up on the latest season of Top
The carmaker’s new Type S Concept is a sign of good things to come
This is just teasing. We love a sports sedan at Top Gear, and back in the day, there used to be loads to choose from. Even Honda made one, in the shape of the thoroughly excellent Accord Type R with its thoroughly
Three units will join the race
No fewer than three Honda NSXs will ping their way up the Pikes Peak hill climb next month. Well, we say Honda, but held as it is in Americaland, the NSXs will wear Acura badges for their journey to over 4,000m
Honda’s American cousin celebrates 30 years of NSXiness. You should, too
A simple game, dear reader: old NSX or new NSX? It's hardly an original question, but Acura's decision to get the pair together-to mark 30 years since the former was first revealed, no less-is a jolly good reason
Faster, easier to drive, more reliable. Honda has apparently pulled a blinder
This is the Honda NSX GT3 Evo, and that's a combination of suffixes that ought to get any petrolhead in a right old mess. Although it's not strictly a Honda-it's been unveiled as an Acura, because that's
You might know it as the Legend
The current generation Acura RLX, which is essentially a North American-spec version of the Honda Legend sold locally, was first introduced five years ago. While Honda gave it the tech and luxury features to justify its premium price tag, its styling
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