Is premium always better?
Hello! Is it recommended to use a more expensive type of diesel for SUVs rather than the plain variants? For example, Shell's V-Power over the ordinary diesel. Thanks!Patrick James CoHi Patrick,Generally speaking, premium automotive fuels do perform better
While launching Techron Concentrate Plus
Motorists can now clean the accumulated dirt and carbon deposits in their vehicle's gasoline engine by using Caltex's fuel system cleaner, and it's called Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP). At the same time, the fuel company gives its assurance that
Chevron\'s product engineering specialist explains
Ever wonder if there is an iota of truth in fuel commercials that claim their products actually clean the insides of your car\'s engine in order for it to perform optimally and run the way it should? No, not those little
Does this make the petroleum brand more appealing?
Seaoil Philippines, the country\'s largest independent petroleum company, has partnered with STP, one of the world\'s leading brands of automotive lubricants, by adding the latter\'s premium additives to its product offerings.\"STP is very proud to be working with
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
Hi, Ferman. I stumbled upon your column when I was searching for a reliable source on cars. And it seems like I found it! I'm planning to buy a Toyota Innova, but I can't decide on whether to get a
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