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This adventure-style bike is ready to do anything for you
From a lady rider’s point of view
For several years I've been content as a mere passenger of my husband on his big, tall adventure bike. Back then, I never craved to ride alone. Owning a motorbike was not on my bucket list, too. But with the ceaseless
On or off the road, the fun never stops
The BMW F650 GS was an amazing lightweight adventure bike. Hailing from the same family of two-wheelers as the potent F800 GS and the venerable R1200 GS, the 650 was powered by a large single-cylinder engine that gave oodles of
Platform-sharing is fast becoming a trend
I went to what initially seemed like an ordinary bike night at the Motora Azul 1955 Café Lounge, beside the ever-so-popular Yamaha Y-Zone at Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City last Wednesday. A regular sight on bike nights is a
The 'Baby GS' is born
The BMW GS is an icon of motorcycling. It contributes to the brand image of BMW as the premiere choice for adventure bikes, and was made famous by Ewan McGregor's Long Way Round TV series and book. The BMW GS models
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