Sana all
Okay, we might have just found the one celebrity van to rule them all. And it belongs to none other than Heart Evangelista.Evangelista recently took to YouTube to show off her "home on the road." Any guesses as to what it
Looks like a certified beast
Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruisers are about a dime a dozen on the Internet already. This, however, is pretty unique in the sense that it takes the idea of beefing up Toyota's iconic SUV and kicks it up several notches higher.Say
The Mazda MX-5 is arguably the most beloved driver's car in the market. But with its ultra-compact form factor, two-seater format, and almost nonexistent cargo space, it's hardly the most logical choice availableThat said, there are ways
More power!
Practical? Hardly. Economical? Definitely not. Affordable? Extremely unlikely. But damn it, we would be lying if we said we didn't want something as absurd as this twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux sitting inside our garage.Never mind the drag strip, too.
Dig it?
Toyota's most reliable truck? That honor undoubtedly goes to the Hilux. As for the brand's toughest-looking truck, though? Well, that tile has to go to the current-generation Tundra in the US market.Now, you can get both qualities
Old-school cool
Modern vans are safer, more capable, as well as much more convenient. All that said, we don't think anyone can deny their old-school counterparts had more character.If you agree with this line of thought, there's a company in
Now that’s what we call a rescue effort
What's the worst position you've ever been in while off-roading? Stalled in waist-deep water, perhaps? Or how about being forced to winch your way out of tire-swallowing terrain? Yeah, that's rough-but still probably has nothing
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Normally, when someone brings up campers, you think of go-anywhere SUVs and pickups or perhaps tricked-out vans. But does a rulebook dictating a camper's size requirements exist? The answer is no.Frankly, any vehicle capable of accommodating some sort
Would you equip your ride with the material?
There's a reason moneyed motorists are willing to shell out a premium to replace standard car parts with components made of carbon fiber-and it isn't just because that stealthy weave pattern looks cool.The material is both light and
Gas station trauma will be a thing of the past
Over the years, bidets have become relatively commonplace inside coffee shop and restaurant bathrooms. Gas stations, though? In most cases, a trusty tabo is the best you're going to get.It's a damn shame if we're being honest, and
This thing is a monster
Having an impatient Toyota Wigo or Honda Brio honking behind you at the stoplight? No problem-they can wait. Seeing this beast in your rearview mirror, though? Yeah, just pray the driver has his head on straight.This monster you see before
This or the stock look?
The all-new Toyota Crown doesn't look bad-it just isn't what many fans were expecting. The mixed reactions, though, aren't too surprising when you consider the vehicle went from being a classy full-sized sedan to a full-
This or the SUV?
The aftermarket community has played around with the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser quite a bit since the SUV launched last year. This one, by an Australian company called Creative Conversions, has to be the most practical take yet, though.Frankly, this
A timely question
Are LED lights prohibited?Every motor vehicle must have two headlights. The motor vehicle may have two auxiliary headlights, and two foglamps.Under the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, or Republic Act No. 4136, a motor vehicle is permitted to have "additional
We don't know if it's just the previous generation's age, but the current version of the Isuzu MU-X looks way better than its predecessor.It's sleeker, more polished, and carries a more premium vibe, too. This isn'
It certainly looks like a proper off-roader
Planning on using your Defender for more than just the school run? Then this could be right up your street. Meet rally raid specialists Bowler's 'Extreme' Defender conversion.This is designed for classic Defender 90, 110, and 130 variants. The obvious
We like
The Nissan Urvan is practical and utilitarian. But flashy? Not really. If you want to stand out, you might want to look elsewhere. You won't need to search too far, though.Nissan motorsport and customization subsidiary Autech has an aero kit
Like it?
One car we're currently lusting for is the Mazda CX-60. Not only is the SUV the Japanese carmaker's most powerful road car ever-it's also one hell of a looker.Seriously, just look at the thing. It's
The catchily titled 'Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization' has announced its latest customized electric cars, and they are thus. Meet the ADRO Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.We're assured the eye-catching new additions are built from dry, "super-premium"
Absurd in a good way
At one point in its life, the Nissan Navara you see above was an honest, hard-working truck. Perhaps it fell in with the wrong crowd, though, because it's now a widebody Nissan GT-R-engined maniac.It's the work
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