The company continues to expand
When someone mentions the longest-running names in the automotive industry, what are the first few to come to mind? Toyota pops up, having been founded in the 1930s, and the same goes for Nissan.Naturally, car manufacturers are the first brands
A visual representation of its abilities
Rolls-Royce prides itself on the historic exploits of its archive in traversing any terrain, and rightly so. But those cars, engineered to withstand much trauma, wore such talents lightly. Visually, at least.Enter the Germans. Bavarian tuning outfit delta4x4 has decided
The mall shuts its doors on May 1
Robinsons Forum will be closing its doors permanently on May 1. For almost 18 years the mall has been a regular fixture along EDSA, but its operator Robinsons Malls has announced the area will be redeveloped into something "new and exciting."Sure,
Because why not
Toyota has added a number of memorable engines to its resume over the past couple of decades. The likes of the A80 Supra's legendary 2JZ engine, for one, has been a staple among tuners for turning otherwise run-of-the-mill
Now might be your only chance to see this truck in the metal
At this point, Ford Ranger Raptors are about a dime a dozen on our roads. F-150 Raptors? Yeah, we've seen a handful of them, too. They're rare finds, but definitely something you could come across.A Hennessey VelociRaptor 6x6,
Not for the faint of heart
Got your new fifth-generation Range Rover on order and wondering how to personalize it once it arrives? German tuner Manhart has some thoughts-this is the Manhart Vogue RV 650.Enough gold for you? Manhart says that it'll paint your
It was inevitable
Apocalypse Manufacturing. Quite the name for a car company, isn't it?But then, the Florida-based firm doesn't exactly build your common or garden crossovers. Take its latest product as an example - this is the Dark Horse, a six-wheeled,
Atoy Customs does it again
Few scenarios are more frightening to regular long-haul motorists than the prospect of suddenly having to go 'number two' while out on the road. If this happens, you better pray there's a decent gas station nearby. Otherwise-well, let's
Embrace the hate
Have you ever chimed in on a conversation only to be met by scoffs and rolling eyes? Don't worry, you're not alone-because the car scene can, at times, be a very divisive one.Every car guy out there has
What’s your opinion on scissor doors?
A couple of weeks ago, we featured a wild-looking Subaru BRZ that rode just an inch off the ground. We called it one of the most extreme builds we've ever come across-at least when we're talking stanced-out
An impressive build
Quite a few electric conversions have been featured on the Top Gear Philippines website over the years. This one, though, has to be among our favorites.This incredibly clean 2007 Honda S2000 build you see before you actually runs on electricity. Everything
Taking riding low to new heights
We've seen our fair share of nail-bitingly low rides here at Top Gear Philippines. This stanced-out Subaru BRZ in Hawaii, though, might be the most extreme we've come across yet.Inspired by the Bosozoku automotive subculture in Japan,
Would you dress up your Monty in this?
After introducing its go-anywhere LC300 to the world, Arctic Trucks is back with yet another new beefed-up SUV from its garage: the Mitsubishi Montero Sport AT35.As with the tuner's previous builds, the main goal here was to bolster
No supply? No problem
It was pretty much always a given that the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 was going to sell well. What we weren't counting on? That a pandemic was going to throw a wrench in the Japanese carmaker's supply chain.
We definitely dig the look, though
Recently, word got out on the Internet that Toyota was busy working on something to rival the likes of the Ford F-150 Raptor. We can assure you that despite the massive lettering on its side saying otherwise, this thing isn't
This, or the standard Raptor?
John Hennessey saw that Ford planned to unveil the Bronco Raptor and basically said, "Hold my beer."This is the Hennessey Bronco VelociRaptor 400. It's a souped-up version of the high-demand off-road plaything, and its reveal came several
And it’s stealthy, too, obviously
Remember the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP? Not the catchiest name, we'll admit, but it refers to Brabus' ridiculously large, 789hp portal-axled pickup truck version of the Mercedes-AMG G63. Yeah, it's a pretty cool (if monumentally obnoxious) thing. The
The truck definitely has a case
Gnarlier versions of everyday cars, like Ford's Raptor series, serve two main purposes in our books. The first is so car buyers looking for extra capability have something to throw money at. And the second is to keep companies like Shelby
The vehicle continues to be an aftermarket darling
It's no secret that Toyota wanted the new A90 Supra to be a darling of the tuning community. Heck, it even shipped cars to major modifiers before it went on sale to the general public. And lo, here we are two
Any fans here?
Attention all shinobi/car nuts: lllest has collaborated with Naruto to produce and sell this limited-edition steering wheel featuring design cues inspired by the hit anime and manga series. It might just be the perfect thing to blow your leftover Christmas
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