Ready for any terrain
The XV (or Crosstek, as it's known in other markets) is Subaru's anxious crossover-shaped comedown after all those wild partying years and success with the Impreza. Admittedly, it's rugged, safe, and well-equipped-so it appeals to Subaru
Have you gotten into online shopping, too?
Frankly, we don't think there's any replacing the feel of holding a product in your hand before checking it out at the counter. Briefly familiarizing yourself with something's weight, the texture of its plastic, and the way its hinges
Built by Russian tuners Ford Market
With their super-limited build numbers and million-dollar-plus price tags, neither the McLaren Elva nor the Ferrari Monza could be described as a people's car. Not quite. Heck, even the Aston Martin V12 Speedster-a bargain at £765,000 (
The luxury SUV market is booming
This is quite clearly a Mercedes-Benz GLS. Except...wait, no, stop the presses, hold your horses-actually, this is not a Merc GLS. Sort of. It's the Hofele Ultimate HGLS, in fact. Well, that's what it says here.Hofele-
Check out that wing
Good lord-look at the size of that rear wing. Looks like California-based tuner Sigala Designs was influenced by the Plymouth Superbird when dreaming up its widebody kit for the new Chevrolet Corvette. That is something else.Draw your eye away
There are several variants to choose from
Welcome to armor plating done properly, at least according to Brabus. Its clever new armor plating for the G-Class is tested to 'VR6 Plus ERV' standards, meaning the car you see before you can withstand not just small-arms fire, but
Trust the Californians to do this
Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) has revealed its latest piece of automotive surgery: the Tesla Model 3 convertible. Do not adjust your eyes.Tesla itself, you will note, does not sell any convertible cars. It has in the past-it started out with
Dear lord
A fresh coat of black paint and a couple of streaks of red-yep, we think we may have just found something to replace the A-Team's GMC Vandura. We pity the fool that begs to disagree.What is this exactly?
That's almost as much power as the current 911 Carrera S
The Audi RSQ3 did not need more power. Giving what's basically a Nissan Qashqai with a bigger grille, a posh touchscreen, and a German accent, its 394hp straight from the factory was already quite spicy.Alas, friends, this memo failed to
That’s supercar-levels of performance
Remember Wheelsandmore and its 1,036hp Audi R8 V10 Plus Spyder? Well, the same folks have now put that same kind of face-melting power into the new Audi RS6.The German tuner is offering five different stages of engine upgrades for
We remember this generation fondly
Safe to say we're a tad excited about this one. German restomodder Mechatronik has announced it is building a very special Mercedes-Benz SL. Specifically, the R/C107 generation from the '70s and the '80s.Unsurprisingly, it is called 'Project 107.'
Only 10 units will be made
As standard, the Audi RSQ8 gets a not-insignificant 592hp and 799Nm of torque from its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, meaning 0-100kph in 3.8sec and a limited top speed of around 306kph.Ask any sane human and they'
Sterling Automotive Design built quite the elegant Jeep here
This is a special Launch Edition Jeep right here, but it's not quite the Gladiator you may have expected. The black SUV you see is a Wrangler custom-built by Sterling Automotive Design, and boy does it look beautiful.It sports
Pretty obvious if you ask us
Your eyes don't deceive you. There is something wrong with this 'Lamborghini Urus.' From up front, it might take a second look to confirm, but take a look at this thing's side profile and it's extremely obvious.This Urus
And it made an interesting modification to the stepboard
One thing the Mercedes-AMG G63 doesn't lack is presence, but that hasn't stopped Stuttgart-based tuner Hofele-Design from glitzing it up a bit.Check out that new bodykit. The company says this G63, dubbed Hofele HG Sport, includes
Where’s the marble-effect carbon fiber? And the gigantic rear wing?
Wait, what? Since when was Mansory in the business of subtly modifying cars? This is the 812 Superfast Softkit-and there's no marble-effect carbon fiber or even a giant rear wing in sight.There's still plenty of 'standard' carbon,
Safety first
Decided it's time to turbocharge your engine? Excellent news. Get it right and you'll be rewarded with neck-snapping performance. Get it wrong and a stock of 2020 calendars would've been a better investment.So, here's Top Gear'
Who doesn't love wagons?
If you've ever graced these pages before, you'll know exactly how much we love almost everything that Alpina builds. You'll also know that the new 455hp B3 Touring holds a special place in our hearts, because BMW flat-out
The third-generation model, to be exact
Is there an end to the creative lunacy of Ken Block? Simple answer: No. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, his brain is salivating at the thought of what he can build next to send tires screaming into smoke. And
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