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Do you prefer stock or modified?
Secondhand cars whose owners clearly spent a lot of time preserving their original state will always have a special place in our hearts. That said, we also really dig used units that have clearly had work put into transforming them.The Toyota
This 4x4 will do 0-97kph in 4.9sec
The Internet's hottest off-roader that's not a Defender has already been given the Hennessey treatment. Welcome to the-deep breath-Hennessey VelociRaptor 400 Bronco.Unsurprisingly, the 400 Bronco produces a smidge over 400 horsepower-405hp to be exact-which
It’s been nicknamed ‘Vini’
You'd think plugging a comparatively giant 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 into a tiny R56 Mini Cooper S would be a tricky project, wouldn't you?Well, you'd be absolutely correct, because the absurdly brilliant creation above took British
We reckon you can get one just to hang it on the wall
When a steering wheel looks this good, do you even need a car to attach it to?This is the glorious, retro-inspired Black Edition of Momo's iconic Prototipo, and we might just have to buy one to stick on the
In celebration, it is rolling out exclusive deals and is rebooting its brand
PartsPro, one of the country's leading online portals for aftermarket automotive and motorcycle parts, is marking its fifth anniversary this month. In celebration, the company is rolling out some exclusive deals.Headlining the list of PartsPro's celebration plans are the
Looking for some new wheels for your truck or SUV?
Any aftermarket-loving truck and SUV owners present? Good news, because you're going to have a new wheel brand to consider once your ride is due for an upgrade.Method Race Wheels has been launched in the Philippine market, with Wheel
Liking the look?
Sigma Advanced Racing Development, better known as SARD (or perhaps just as Sigma to fans of Le Mans in the '70s), is a Japanese tuning company and race team that specializes in Toyotas. It's no surprise, then, that SARD is one
Thankfully, it looks like she’ll be pretty active on YouTube
In case you haven't heard by now, Car Porn Racing is now more. Angie Mead King made the difficult decision to cease the aftermarket garage's operations this month due to a number of factors, including ballooning rent costs, the COVID-
‘Everyone is asking, ‘Why, Angie, why are you closing Car Porn Racing?’
In May 2021, Angie Mead King announced that Car Porn Racing was closing down-the end of the line for one of the most prominent names in the Philippine aftermarket and modding community.At the time, all King posted on social media
That’s one way to celebrate your 125th anniversary
At no point is any regular human ever likely to step out of an Audi RS6 and critique its speed. "It's just not fast enough," you'll probably never, ever, ever say.So, welcome ABT's celebratory modified Audi RS6, dubbed
This is only the beginning
It's been what-around two months since the all-new Toyota 86 rolled out into the open? And yet the Internet is already chock-full of modified takes on the latest iteration of the carmaker's two-door sports car. Damn,
Will the stricter measures improve safety for riders and all road users?
Senator Manny Pacquiao recently filed Senate Bill 2263, otherwise known as the Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act of 2021.The proposed bill aims to "recognize, protect, and promote the rights of motorcycle owners and users to proper standards of ownership and use,
A sad day for the auto industry
A sad update from the local auto industry today. You've probably seen the news circulating on social media by now, but we're here to confirm that it's true: Car Porn Racing, one of the local aftermarket scene's most
Well, it’s definitely a look. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you
Dutch company Heritage Customs has developed a new metal spraying and binding technique that allows it to fit pre-rusted panels to your brand-new Land Rover Defender.Come on, then, who'll be the first to make the most obvious joke
Next-level vehicle customization
Fitting vehicles with decorative lighting is nothing new. Remember the 2000s? Yeah, no video game ride during that era was complete without something glowing under the hood or underbody. Slapping LEDs on brake calipers, however? Now that's something we haven't
This thing is absolutely massive
As you might be able to tell by the name, nothing about the new Hennessey Mammoth 1000 SUV is small.Based on the already giant Ram TRX, Hennessey's latest creation is a seven-seat monster SUV with an additional 'Mammoth Off-
Look, ma, no sidewalls
Stuttgart-based Mercedes modifier Hofele-Design doesn't really do subtle, and its latest bespoke commission has never even heard of the word...This is the Ultimate HGLE Coupe-a one-off Mercedes-Benz GLE made for an as-yet-unnamed 'private
Looking to stand out?
The fact that the Philippines is a pickup-loving country is no secret. Don't kid yourself, though, by saying the trucks around these parts are comparable in stature to the beasts that roam around over in the US. Given the competition,
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