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There are three new functions available
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, carmakers have made it a point to develop technologies that allow for cleaner cabins, such as advanced air filtration systems and air purification features.The latest addition to that list comes courtesy of Hyundai,
A fast car needs to stay cool
Here's one good reason to go all out and splurge on a Chiron. According to Bugatti, the supercar's A/C system is strong enough to cool an 80sqm European apartment. There's just one issue: You have to be driving
Sounds expensive
You've got to hand it to Rolls-Royce. The brand can make almost anything sound expensive-even something as simple as air quality inside a car's cabin.The luxury car manufacturer recently announced that its cars will come equipped with
In our climate, a car without a working A/C is a torture chamber
The air-conditioning (A/C) system of a vehicle is a closed system for exchanging heat from the inside of the cabin to the outside. This is accomplished by circulating refrigerant gas though a circuit of tubes into two large surface areas
The Yaris learns to chill
Whenever I book a Grab ride, I've come to dread what vehicle is selected for me. When I see it's a third-gen Toyota Vios, the most popular car model in the ride-hailing platform, I sigh and hope the
A good question given our tropical climate
Here we are in the midst of the summer heat! In the middle of traffic, what a godsend air-conditioning is, isn't it? But as comfortable as it is, it doesn't stay that way indefinitely and there's nothing more
Another burning question
Summer is just around the corner, and we are back with another burning question sent in by a reader: Will using the car aircon with the engine off damage my vehicle?It may be tempting to leave the air-conditioning on even
Because summer
A reader wrote in asking: Will running a car's air-conditioner on maximum fan and maximum cool all the time damage it? It's just like asking if you open a door all the way to its widest opening, will this
Based on years of Grab rides
The new Toyota Vios is so close to being launched you can almost smell its new-car scent. Currently, Toyota Motor Philippines is busy preparing a marketing blitz that befits the introduction of the former number one model in our country (before
Because cold air is life
In a tropical country like the Philippines, where temperatures can reach scorching heights, having a working air-conditioning system in your car is the difference between heaven and hell. So it's imperative that every car owner do everything he can to
Will it affect performance?
Hi TG Team!Can you use the air-con while driving at high speeds on the track?Thanks in advance for your reply!Regards,Chito C.Dear Chito C.I know exactly where you're coming from. It can get rather hot
Traffic and a broken A/C don't mix
If the sudden onset of warm winds and the migraine-inducing noontime sun aren't enough indication, we're just going to go ahead and spell it out for you: Summer is almost upon us, and you damn well better be prepared
Does it affect the compressor?
In a word, yes, it's okay to drive with the air-conditioner off. Your car's A/C compressor is an accessory, merely an add-on to your car's engine. Whether it's on or off, your car's engine
You can damage more than just your engine
I'm in the rent-a-van business, and I'm also the driver of a Toyota Hiace Grandia. I keep it running because of the hot climate, and I sleep here when I'm with a client. Sometimes I keep the
Keep bad smells at bay
Hello, Top Gear Philippines! I am not really knowledgeable about cars and would like to ask about air-conditioning and air fresheners. Are air fresheners really bad for the A/C system in the car? What should I buy to keep away
Our technical editor weighs in
I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra FE. I am having this issue with its carburetor for quite a while now. I think it's got something to do with the A/C. When the A/C is turned on for a long
Because good A/C is essential in our climate
Just like any major component, the air-conditioner will wear out eventually. The movement of refrigerant gas from high pressure to low pressure is what makes the cooling effect possible. The system isn't complex, but all components have to be in
Calsonic is the key
What is it with Nissan cars and good air-conditioning? I always hear people say that Nissans have very good, cold air-cons. I know that Nissan is not the one that manufactures its A/C, but they source it from companies
Our tech guru has the answer
Sir, is having strong static electricity in your car safe? I experience it every time I use my new Toyota Vios. The voltage is about five times more than that of a normal Cricket lighter. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
Good for both car and passengers
Summer's obviously here. With the road-trip season comes the higher temperatures that we all have to contend with. For car owners, it means taking steps to minimize the negative effects of the scorching heat. The elevated temperatures can take a
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