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A 19% discount on these filters are available until October 20
Using a synthetic fiber-based filter and ionization
For obvious reasons, we're now paying much more attention to how we can keep the air we breathe...well, a source of life, not debilitating illness.In cars, for instance, we could well be seeing cabin air-purification systems shift from
A timely upgrade
Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has an upgrade those looking for a little extra security under the new normal might be interested in.A new PM (particulate matter) 2.5 cabin air filter is now being offered by the Japanese car manufacturer, which
Perfect for our smog-filled streets
Some of us are very particular about the air we breathe inside a vehicle. One whiff of poisonous plastic, carbon monoxide, the wrong car perfume, or even foul body odor can instantly ruin an otherwise pleasant ride. The worst part? We look
The price of cleaner air
Asthmatics and those who suffer from allergic rhinitis have it tough in a smog-filled country like ours. I should know-someone pulling a dusty book off a shelf a few meters away from me is enough to make my nose redder
It needs to be "recharged"
One of the main reasons for wanting to use a K&N filter is not because the maker claims that its product can last the lifetime of the car. A drop-in filter, like the one fitted on this 1996 Mazda Miata,
You'll be safe on EDSA, then
If you're one of the millions of Filipinos who take public transportation to work, dealing with air pollution is just another part of your everyday routine. By now, no trip to the office is complete without one being enveloped in a
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Ferman!I'm looking to replace my car's air filter but there are so many types out there that I don't know which one I should buy. HKS is a known aftermarket brand but its air filters don't
Should our letter sender go for these mods?
Hi, Ferman!I'm an owner of a Subaru Impreza 2.0 RS MT and I would like to ask your advice about the modifications I'm planning to do.I have read forum posts saying it's not advisable because they
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