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Here are other ways to keep your cabin fresh
Car perfumes are cheap, generally smell good and come in a variety of different scents. They're a quick way to freshen up an otherwise plain-smelling interior, or even mask a putrid one if you're that type of owner (which
Has this happened to you?
Who doesn't want their car to smell good? But would you risk damaging your trim to keep your cabin's aroma appealing?Apparently, this is what happened to Twitter user @rick_velasquez, who tagged us in photos of his vehicle's messed
Keep bad smells at bay
Hello, Top Gear Philippines! I am not really knowledgeable about cars and would like to ask about air-conditioning and air fresheners. Are air fresheners really bad for the A/C system in the car? What should I buy to keep away
Are you a tito?
We've all got that one family member: the single male in his late 30s without a care in the world, shades on, a wad of P500 bills tucked comfortably in his back pocket and a tendency to overuse terms from a
Why didn't they think of this sooner?
Are you one of those people who always attract mosquitoes? Sadly, this means we're part of the estimated 10% that are a favorite food of these bloodsucking arthropods.A natural repellant to mosquitoes is the citronella plant. Oil derived from this
Offering a little more convenience
When it comes to air fresheners, we don't really look too much into what we're buying, do we? Sure, they come in all shapes, sizes and scents, but as long as they smell okay, we head straight for the check-
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