With the Air Dry Airbag jacket
Every day, riders are literally exposed to danger on the road. BMW Motorrad, together with Alpinestars, hopes to remedy this by introducing a cool new innovation that could potentially save countless lives.The BMW Motorrad Street Air Dry by Alpinestars is essentially
Hopes to regain public's confidence
With a recall affecting approximately 7.8 million cars spread across 10 brands of vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2008, safety equipment manufacturer Takata has released an open letter to the public, signed by its chairman and chief executive Shigehisa Takada. In
Top 2 brands affected by recall
Following the massive recall of vehicles--which numbered 7.8 million vehicles as of October-- that were equipped with defective airbags manufactured by Takata, two Japanese carmakers have independently called for an industry-wide, third-party test related to the issue "in
How does it work exactly?
The all-new Ford Mustang will feature an innovative airbag that provides "inflatable restraint protection in a smaller, lighter package," giving the muscle car a roomier interior.The new airbag technology incorporates an inflatable plastic bladder into the glovebox door and provides
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