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Brave enough to ride one?
We love an eVTOL-that's electric vertical take-off and landing-craft here at Top Gear, and US mobility company Supernal has revealed the latest in a long line of futuristic sky taxis for us to ogle at the Farnborough International
It’s called the AutoFlight Prosperity I
Chinese company AutoFlight has opened an R&D base in Augsburg, Germany, in a bid to launch its Prosperity I air taxi into the skies of Europe in the next three years.Yup, this is the latest attempt at a working, financially
This thing looks promising
It's starting to look like flying cars will take over roads (and airways) sooner than we think. Slovakian company Klein Vision's flying car just took maiden flight, and it looks promising.Because unlike the PAL-V Liberty that just became
How much of it involves actual flying skill?
If you watched Top Gear series 28, you'll have seen the 402kph McLaren Speedtail lose a race. A race against a 1,931kph F-35 fighter jet, mind you. Very little shame in that.Keen to know more, we headed to
It’s one of the coolest races we’ve seen in a while
The McLaren Speedtail is one beautifully built hypercar, and even without the badge and the name, its physique alone screams that it's a car built for great speeds. The aerodynamic structure on the outside and the solo bucket seat for the
It’ll be up for bidding at Mecum’s upcoming Indy 2020 auction
Forget luxury cars, million-dollar SUVs, or fancy-albeit regular-limousines. If you really want to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, you ought to do so riding around the Learmousine.It's a surprisingly road-legal Learjet-turned-limo
A British Racing Green helicopter with a tan leather interior, anyone?
Remember when Aston Martin told us about its vision for an electric intercity personal aircraft? Well...this isn't it. It isn't strictly an Aston Martin, in fact. This is a helicopter.If you know about helicopters-and we don't-
A fitting tribute?
Well, this has made us unnecessarily sad. Not because Aston Martin has painted a DBS Superleggera white and put some stickers on it-more because upon revealing the new DBS Superleggera Concorde edition, the British carmaker has reminded us that November 26th
Flat rate?
The next time you're having trouble squeezing that minivan into a grocery parking lot, remember: You could always have it worse-like, maneuvering-a-plane-inside-a-car-park levels of stress.Remember the Boeing 737 Max conundrum that began earlier
Half a century ago, these technological marvels reset the boundaries of speed
Fifty years ago, the technological needle was moved somewhere it had never been before. On April 9, 1969, the first British-made Concorde began its maiden flight and opened the door to the world of supersonic commercial travel. Back on the ground
His next great idea?
Tesla boss Elon Musk has announced he is "quite tempted" to build an electric airplane. Yup, the brains behind an electric sedan that'll do 0-100kph in 2.8 seconds wants to make an electric jet.Musk arrived as a surprise
Certified for air travel by FAA
We often associate Honda with cars like the Civic, the CR-V and the City/Jazz twins. The more diehard fanboys out there might recognize nameplates like the Civic Type R, the S2000 and the cool little S660 roadster. But did you
Perhaps you'd like to propose up there
Not one to get left behind, MyTeksi--or more popularly known as GrabTaxi--has launched its new e-hailing service, GrabHeli. Commuters will be able to ride a helicopter thanks to the company's partnership with PhilJets. The price? P3,888 per
The HondaJet is ready to take flight
There is no doubt that Honda Motor Company has already conquered terra firma, so now the Japanese carmaker wants to reign in the clouds.On April 23, Thursday, Honda organized a press conference at Tokyo International Airport (otherwise known as Haneda Airport)
This is how Vin Diesel promotes 'Furious 7'
Looks like the promotional campaign for Fast & Furious 7--or simply Furious 7--is in full swing. Shortly after giving us a heart-stopping three-minute trailer, the producers have now released these publicity photos of the film's main star, Vin
Who wouldn't want one these days?
For sure, many of us have fantasized about having the realistic ability to fly with the aid of small rockets attached to our back. Not because we want to be like Tony Stark but because we just want to zip through traffic
Meet the AeroMobil 3.0
For many car enthusiasts--at least among those who aren't suffering from acrophobia--the ultimate dream is to drive a flying car. Yes, a wheeled vehicle you can drive around your village and then fly above EDSA during rush hour. Of
Find out how much
Are you tired of crawling your way through heavy traffic? Of course you are. All of us are. Now, if you\'re swimming in cash, maybe it\'s time to consider a mode of transport that\'s literally higher than the traditional
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