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Could this be the next big thing?
The age of the airless tire could almost be upon us-at least if tire manufacturers can overcome the last few hurdles keeping this technological advancement at bay. And it does look like this is the case.According to a report by
This might be an actual thing in the future
Goodyear is continuing to make strides with its airless or non-pneumatic tire (NPT) technology. Last year, the company gave us a glimpse of the revolutionary tires being tested with driverless buses. Now, it is testing custom-engineered NPTs for Starship delivery
When do you think products like this will hit market?
In 2019, Michelin grabbed people's attention with the announcement that it would be bringing airless tires to market by the year 2024. The company is hardly the only one in the tire industry, though, looking to change the game by ditching
It’s supposed to come out in 2024
Remember the neat airless tire concept Michelin came up with back in 2019? It was called the Uptis-that's short for Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System-and it's supposed to revolutionize the tire industry when it hits the market in
Goodyear now uses autonomous vehicles for real-world testing of its tire tech
What happens when a driverless car gets a flat? Will the vehicle slow down and pull over? How do you change the tire afterwards, then? More important, who changes the tire?Well, Goodyear has quite the straightforward approach to address all this:
This eliminates the trouble of changing flats
Though funky-looking airless tires have been around for a while-Michelin has been developing them since 2005-none have yet been fitted to a regular road car available to the masses.But apparently, that's all going to change in 2024,
New tech tested in high-speed driving
Car maintenance is an important part of our motoring lives. Apart from filling up the fuel tank, it would be wise to check that all fluids are topped up, that the battery is fully charged, and that the engine is clean and
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