The guy is a bit of a rock star
There are a handful of motoring personalites that resonate throughout the entire industry, and Akio Toyoda is one of them. During the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Toyota Motor Philippines at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Manila, we noticed while perusing the
And it looks magnificent
Chances are not many of you are aware Toyota has a marine department. Yep, the world's largest automaker is into making boats, too. A few years ago, the division built a range of premium performance yachts and invited Toyota president and
A potential game-changer
Partnerships between carmakers usually have mixed results, depending on the scope of their vision and how they stand to benefit from one another. According to a report by Forbes, there is another partnership in the works that could potentially shake up the
What does it mean for both companies?
Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation have entered into a long-term partnership that will leverage the resources of both companies to make "more appealing cars that meet the diverse needs and tastes of customers all over the world.""As evidenced
It's about time
Toyota will once again compete in the World Rally Championship in 2017, 16 years after the Japanese carmaker withdrew from the sport in 2001 to concentrate on Le Mans and Formula 1.However, instead of using the 86-based CS-R3, Toyota
Exceeds carmaker's 2015 sales forecast
Since its launch in Japan in December 2014, over 1,500 orders have reportedly been placed for the Toyota Mirai, the Japanese carmaker's fuel-cell sedan.During the vehicle's launch, Toyota's sales forecast for the Mirai in its home
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