The big improvements are to the infotainment system and driver aids
Interesting times at Alfa Romeo. The 4C sports car has been quietly euthanized alongside its Maserati GranTurismo factory-mate, while a proposed new GTV and 8C have been sliced from the product plan.Which means at present, the Italian carmaker has a
To be sold at Sotheby's Villa Erba auction
The Sport Classic is one of the most desirable 911s of modern times. When it was announced in 2010, all 250 build slots were sold in under 48 hours. The ducktail spoiler, Fuchs-style alloys and short-shift manual gearbox gave the
A 1976 model with just under 130,000km on the odo
Anyone with the nickname 'The Greatest' clearly deserves a bit of respect, and anyone who owned an Alfa Romeo Spider will get a great big helping of the stuff from us. You can imagine our reaction, then, when we heard about this
In San Juan
Two new Italian brands have just entered our market. Petromax Philippines is now importing (though not as an official distributor) Alfa Romeo and Abarth models from its new dealership along Ortigas Avenue in San Juan. The models on display inside the dealership
Drop-top goals
Ah, Justin Timberlake sure is living the life.The chart-topping musician and former NSYNC member recently took off for Tuscany, Italy with his wife Jessica Biel, and we've taken particular interest in the couple's choice of ride
Due to health reasons
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced that Sergio Marchionne has stepped down as CEO of the company.In a statement released earlier today, FCA cited health reasons-specifically, complications while recovering from surgery which "have worsened significantly in recent hours"-as the
Back after more than three decades
Last week brought news that Alfa Romeo is getting back into Formula 1. Not as a constructor per se, but as Sauber's lead sponsor. And now we can bring you the news that this is what the pair's "multi-year
It debuts in the US, of course
Meet the first ever Alfa SUV. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been something of an inevitability for a while, such is the importance of a hiked-up car to premium carmakers, and the Los Angeles Auto Show has seen it unveiled at
A connoisseur of classic Alfa Romeos
If you're part of the local car community, chances are you've heard of Osamu Hasegawa, the Japanese national who has a penchant for vintage sports cars, particularly Alfa Romeos. And if you've been to a Manila Sports Car Club
New RWD BMW M3 fighter
Some of you might recall Alfa Romeo's brief presence in our market with models like the rather bland 155 and the odd GTV, but it had always churned out way cooler cars before that. Alfa has a long rich history in
Production to begin in 2015
After the curiously styled 4C coupe, Alfa Romero has created a drop-top version called the 4C Spider.While the car weighs around 60kg more than the coupe due to structural reinforcement required by safety regulations for open-top vehicles, the use
But are these photoshopped images?
In March this year, Alfa Romeo unveiled the 4C compact, mid-engined and rear-wheel-drive sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then, we have seen nothing but static (and heavily edited) shots of the car--until now. The Italian
Presented at the Geneva Motor Show
Because today is all about hearts and mushiness, here's a car you can easily fall in love with: the Alfa Romeo 4C. This is a new compact, mid-engined and rear-wheel-drive sports car from the Italian automaker, to be
To be developed for the global market
Eight months after both Mazda and Fiat announced that they plan to join forces to produce a next-generation roadster that will be shared by both companies, the two carmakers have now confirmed that they have signed a final agreement that "will
It's easy to spot an icon, but it's hard to define one
If our eyes are the windows to our souls...
The theme of this month's magazine is all about style. With cars, attraction starts with the front fascia--the face. And so headlights must be a vehicle's eyes.We gazed deep into the headlights of today's cars and listed
All the more reason to cross your fingers for VW's arrival<br />
Volkswagen's 1.4-liter TSI Twincharger bagged the International Engine of the Year (IEOTY) title for the second consecutive year as it impressed 65 judges from the world over with its power and torque.With its recent win, the TSI
I am going to drive it!
My dad's old mechanic, Nel Pungtilan, knew about my plans to get the Colt running again and he was down with the plan. He knows the car inside and out because he's been maintaining it since the early 1990s. The
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