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We answer the burning question
Executive editor Dinzo Tabamo forwarded this message to me recently and said that I can probably answer these questions with my eyes closed:Hi, Mr. Dinzo, I am currently torn between keeping my wheels stock and buying aftermarket wheels. However, I am
Alloy wheels, tires for more car owners
Those active in the automotive aftermarket scene are quite familiar with the popular Concept One brand of alloy wheels. The company that distributes these wheels is the same one that sells such brands as Saffiro, Black Rhino and BBS, among others.If
Customize your car your way
More often than not, we have a thing or two to say about the wheels of another person's car. We like to think we're qualified judges when it comes to wheel design. We believe we know what looks good and
All's well that ends well
In this Great Era of Google, in which practically everything can be downloaded from the Internet, anyone can grab another person's work and pass it off as his very own. Just ask Manny V. Pangilinan: Never hire a speechwriter who has
As seen on the Citroen Divine DS concept
From Citroen's Instagram account; follow Top Gear Philippines on Instagram
Less than 2 months after burning down
On December 13, 2013, the showroom of Wheel Gallery in Greenhills, San Juan, was completely destroyed by fire. The company is the distributor of the popular Concept One brand of wheels as well as many other wheel and tire brands (Black Rhino,
With its GForged-one alloys
Gemballa has confirmed that one of the first McLaren P1 units to roll out of the British automaker\'s plant is now in the aftermarket specialist\'s Leonberg facility, where it is being used as a test bed for its specially forged
While professing his Christian faith
On Friday the 13th, Concept One (Wheel Gallery) co-owner Sam Liuson was visited by a most unfortunate tragedy when an acetylene tank exploded in his shop and started a fire that gutted practically the whole building that housed his main office
Building looted by squatters
The main showroom of wheel-and-tire specialist Wheel Gallery was destroyed by fire today. The shop, which sells the popular Concept One brand of alloy wheels, is located at 318 Santolan Road in Greenhills, San Juan. According to Manila Standard motoring
To be marketed to young car owners
Concept One, one of the most popular alloy-wheel brands in the country, has just introduced its Atoy line of wheels. If you think the name of the new line of wheels was derived from Atoy Llave, owner of Atoy Bodykits, you\'
From June 14 to 22
In September last year, Wheel Gallery held a store-clearing sale to mark its 10th anniversary. It was a huge hit, with customers flocking to the tires-and-wheels shop to snap up discounted items from Concept One, Black Fleet, Petrol, Twenty
Read his statement
One of the criticisms being leveled against Philippine manufacturers of alloy wheels is that they merely copy designs from international wheelmakers. We brought up this concern with Michael Rojas, the president of Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc., which manufactures the now globally marketed
Give your car's shoes a new color
We're starting a new series called "The Facebook Files," which aims to feature interesting finds on the popular social-media site. A find could be a photo, an anecdote, a product, a service, a personality, or just about anything that's
Judged against more than 2,000 other new products
Concept One recently participated in this year's staging of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Going up against more than 2,000 new products and an estimated 50 wheel brands and manufacturers, Concept One's entry managed to wind up
On its way to becoming leading alloy-and-rubber purveyor
On this very day, Wheel Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary. In case this is the first time you've heard of the company, it's the distributor of such wheel and tire brands as Concept One, Black Fleet, Petrol, Twenty Inches Strong,
Offer good while supplies last
Wheel Gallery, the tires-and-wheels shop that exclusively distributes such brands as Concept One, Black Fleet, Petrol, Twenty Inches Strong, Dropstars, Black Rhino, Kelleners Sport, Carlsson, BBS, Nitto and Starfire, is celebrating its 10th anniversary on September 10.To mark the
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