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Even his two daughters were going flat out on the dirt
When we grow up to have our own families, we can only wish we could be as cool of a parent as Travis Pastrana.In a Facebook post, the professional stuntman and motorsports champion-turned-Gymkhana star shared how he spent one
We have to say it looks like a lot of fun...
Remember Vanderhall, makers of those wild, three-wheeled, hand-built autocycles in the US? Well, it's branching out to four wheels...More specifically, it's branching out with this-the Navarro off-road side-by-side. Wicked-looking thing, isn't
And they’re all actual ATVs you can buy
So you may have seen Freddie and Chris playing with some rather large off-road toys in Iceland in Top Gear TV's series 27 finale, but outside of motorsport, there's a wide world of specialist all-terrain vehicles. It gets
Do you own a 4x4?
Looking to buy a new set of tires for your 4x4 SUV? If yes, you may want to look into buying a set from Falken, as JM Far East Inc.-the tire manufacturer's official Philippine distributor-has just launched a new
Is it possible?
Hi! I know this is a silly question. I have been driving a manual transmission car for around seven years, but I would like to buy an automatic for a change. I've heard that you cannot jump-start an automatic transmission
A Gordon Murray creation
Do not write off this planar-sided truck as an unwelcome gatecrasher among the power-crazed pages of Its purpose is noble. Its pedigree exquisite. And its capability extraordinary."It's a crime, almost, that only 20% of the world'
Great for both work and play
There's a lot more to Honda than just motorcycles and the Civic. The Japanese company is also known for its power-sports equipment, particularly all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). In fact, ATVs make up a huge part of its sales in the
Spotted at Indonesia Int'l Motor Show
Aptly named after an Indonesian endemic lizard so large it's also called a dragon, this vehicle proudly wore its country's flag at this year's Indonesia International Motor Show. Like the popular reptile found on some of the archipelago's
It's not the size but how you use it
When one thinks of Honda, images of Civics, Accords or even CR-Vs come to mind. If you're a bit older, these images may also include a few motorcycles. But did you know that Honda also manufactures recreational vehicles known as
But do you like how it looks?
This is the newly launched Polaris Sportsman WV850 HO, a kick-ass all-terrain vehicle made by an American company that specializes in ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles. It is powered by a 77hp, 850cc four-stroke SOHC twin-cylinder engine mated to
Could it go into production?
Land Rover is now conducting a real-world trial of an electric-powered Defender as part of the British carmaker\'s pioneering research \"into the electrification of an all-terrain vehicle.\"As part of the Eden Project, which is a multiple greenhouse
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