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Their users should also have driver’s licenses
Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Edgar Galvante stands firm on his recommendation to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) that all electric scooters, kick scooters, and bicycles capable of doing more than 25kph must be registered with the agency. This is despite DOTr
Just look at them rings
Hubless wheels are just hard not to love-take the Verge TS electric motorcycle, for example. Sexy, isn't it? Well, if you fancied that as much as we did, then here's something we reckon you might like, too: this hubless
These cruiser and mountain bikes cost around P14,000 each
The times, they really are changing. Computer parts manufacturer AMD, known mostly for building computer processors, has jumped onto the alternative mobility bandwagon and is now selling bicycles under its fan store. Two bicycles, as a matter of fact-a cruiser bike
This is the HyperScrambler 2 from Juiced Bikes
We've lost count of all the stylish electric bicycles that we've come across since this whole COVID-19 situation started. Frankly, though, we don't mind.As a matter of fact, we've come across yet another electric bicycle that'
Meet the Canyon Future Mobility Concept, an e-bike and pedal car rolled into one
If you're looking forward to more emission-free transport options in the near future, then here's some good news: the next generation of pedal-powered cars is actually in the works, and the photo above shows one of the latest
More e-bikes are coming
We have observed lately that there's a growing following for electric bicycles here in our country. This inspires us to feature more of these environment-friendly and emissions-free two-wheelers that are now being pushed by the government-not just
Bike searches jumped by three times
When lockdown restrictions kept public transportation off the streets, ever-resourceful Filipinos took to the road on two wheels.But first, naturally, they Googled it.iPrice Group, a research firm that monitors and enables e-commerce activity across the region, sifted through
The most expensive model costs over half a million pesos
Ducati Philippines has started accepting reservations for three of its electric mountain bikes-the MIG-RR and MIG-S enduro models, and the e-Scrambler retro-urban, all of which are expected to arrive in the country soon.Created via a joint
The Italian superbike manufacturer calls this thing the e-Scrambler
It's clear that Ducati wants in on all that alternative mobility hype. Back in May, the Italian superbike manufacturer revealed two new electric kick scooters in the Pro II and the Scrambler Cross-E, visualized by the Ducati Design Center itself.
The goal is to have 34 bike racks across all northbound and southbound stations
Bicycles have been a go-to mode of transportation during this ongoing pandemic. They're much more affordable than things like electric kick scooters, not to mention more cost-efficient. However, the problem of infrastructure for cyclists in Metro Manila still remains.
Now that’s a useful invention
The machine you see above is not a wheelchair. No, really-it's literally called 'Not a Wheelchair.'It's a four-wheeled motorized vehicle built by Zack, owner of the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. He built it for his wife, Cambry,
People had to find other modes of transportation
Ten days after enhanced community quarantine was declared over the entire Luzon, businessman Jose Dasas received a call from a friend, a fellow Rotarian who owned a chain of small groceries."Pare, may stock ka pa ba ng mga bike?"Since September
Who says alternative transport vehicles can’t be fashionable?
This is what happens when a maker of chic retro electric bikes teams up with a popular streetwear brand to create a new vehicle: a two-wheeler that almost looks like the perfect ride for hipsters.What you're looking at here
You can probably call it a gadget with all the features it has
Bicycles, much like cars, continue to get even smarter over the years. What used to be purely mechanical two-wheelers are now turning into highly technical pieces of engineering that could probably be considered more as 'gadgets' than they are mere modes
Meet the Spanish brand’s new all-electric motorcycle and electric kick scooter
It looks like Seat also wants in on the current urban mobility solutions trend. The Spanish carmaker just launched three new battery-powered two-wheelers: The Mo eScooter125, the eKickScooter65, and the eKickScooter25.First up is the Seat Mo eScooter125, the brand'
No car, no problem
You already know where to buy bicycles, e-bikes, and even three-wheelers. If you're still not confident about your biking skills, you might want to consider getting a kick scooter (read: the ones that you stand on) instead. Kick scooters
The service is now available in Germany and the rate is €0.30 or P17 per minute
It's clear that mobility solutions such as electric kick scooters (EKS) are the future. But the fact remains that such transport alternatives are luxuries to most people, and that's already quite the big hurdle to overcome. Even if there were
Have you considered buying something like this?
The past few months have shown us that personal mobility options like electric kick scooters are more than just novelties. These aren't merely toys for people with a little extra money to burn-they're real, viable alternatives.It isn't
Times like these, we could sure use some good alternatives to public transport
It's clear that industries have been shaken up by this pandemic, and it'll forever change the way we do business and, ultimately, how we carry out our daily lives.But of course, the changes that'll result from this crisis
Perfect for the new normal
Bring out a pen and a piece of paper, because you're about to start on your 2020 Christmas wish list. Item number one? One of these two Ducati-branded electric kick scooters.Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The Italian
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