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Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
Keep ’em coming
Pasig City really takes the idea of 'inclusive mobility' quite seriously. It has reopened an entire intersection for pedestrians, implemented weekly car-free zones, and renovated beat-up walkways over the past year alone.Now, the local government unit has made yet
Let’s hope these images aren’t too good to be true
Look, we love Metro Manila, but it isn't exactly a stinging beacon of what a modern city is supposed to be. It's congested, polluted, and a major pain in the ass to navigate-all qualities the San Miguel Corporation (SMC)
Can the city do it?
Quezon City is a pretty big place-like, really big. So, to be honest, we kind of did a double-take when the local government announced that it wants to illuminate 100% of its roads. The city has no plans of backing
Government agencies might want to look into these
Year in and year out, government agencies and authorities keep trying to solve the never-ending traffic problem on EDSA. Judging by the report from the first day of Alert Level 1, though, we're not exactly making much progress.As the
Let’s see if the government will see this through
Remember the proposed elevated walkway and bicycle lane on EDSA? The idea was first floated around in 2019, and it was given the go signal by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in 2020.Little has been heard of regarding the project
It has a 97km max range and 80kph top speed with a swappable battery to boot
When the motorcycle industry finally goes fully electric, we know one model we'd like to see plying our roads: the Sunra Robo-S Utility.This is nothing like those stylish electric scooters or bikes that you may have been seeing in
For everyone on the road
The light turns red just as the jeepney executes a perfect 'Schumacher chop,' cutting across my lane to pick up a solitary commuter. I've driven in Metro Manila long enough to anticipate such moves, and slowed the car down, giving him
A solution to today’s astronimical fuel prices
It seems everyone is into biking these days, and it's no surprise-bicycles provide us with an energy-efficient and relatively cost-free means to move about the city and beyond. Some enjoy challenging themselves to kilometers-long rides through the
Metro Manila isn’t a very safe place on two wheels
Yes, Metro Manila has made great strides when it comes to accommodating cyclists over the past couple of years. Still, there's a long way to go before our nation's capital can call itself 'bicycle-friendly.'You needn't look any
The industry truly has the potential to have a positive impact on transport
Alternative mobility has gained immense popularity throughout this pandemic, especially with the various public-transportation restrictions and the rise of bike lanes and other mobility-inclusive infrastructure in Metro Manila.But what happens after the pandemic? Will people who have been cyling
It costs $499
You can now count Jeep among the car manufacturers who've jumped onto the electric kick scooter (EKS) bandwagon-and the off-road specialist's new toy looks about how you'd expect it to.Dubbed the Jeep RX200, this new EKS
Would you like to see more of these?
Looking for a neat place to stop for breakfast during your next bike ride? If you happen to be pedaling in Valenzuela City, McDonald's Malanday might be worth checking out.Why McDonald's? Well, aside from the sure-win Sausage McMuffin
The rehabilitated space will be opened in 2022
If there's one thing the pandemic has made even more obvious, it's that Metro Manila sure could use better urban planning-something already painfully obvious since pre-lockdown. Centralized layouts cause traffic jams, but if we had bike lanes to
And the Mom of the Year award goes to…
No car? No problem. A New Zealand politician took to two wheels while in labor over the weekend so she could give birth inside a hospital.Julie Anne Genter, a member of New Zealand's parliament who campaigns for sustainable transportation, shared
Good to see more motorcycle brands are going into alternative mobility
Dreaming of a two-wheeled work of art from MV Agusta, but your bank account isn't quite ready yet? The Schiranna brand's interpretation of an e-scooter might be just the thing for you.The Rapide Serie Oro incorporates decades
For those who prioritize security
One of the biggest selling points for electric kick scooters is their compact form factor. Many are light, foldable, and relatively easy to carry around compared to something like a bicycle. These advantages, though, also make these devices pretty easy to steal.
Bikes can be rented for P20 for 15 minutes, scooters
Moovr has been offering its bike and electric kick scooter sharing services in Bonifacio Global City since its launch last year. Now, the company is expanding its reach as it begins providing its services in Makati City.The city is one of
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