To test their performance in Metro Manila
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is collaborating with the Department of Energy and Meralco as part of the Electric Vehicle Cooperation Agreement signed by the three organizations. Under their combined effort, Mitsubishi will loan to the DOE and Meralco two test units each of
One step closer to production
The Porsche 918 Spyder is now one step closer to its scheduled September 2013 production as the German carmaker has now started the driving trials for the prototypes of its hybrid supercar."What we are doing with the 918 Spyder is redefining
That was fast!
The House of Representatives recently passed on its third and final reading House Bill (HB) 5460, which provides incentives for the manufacture, assembly, conversion and importation of electric, hybrid and other alternative-fuel vehicles--just before Congress adjourned for the Lenten break.
One step closer to realization
While Sen. Ralph Recto is confident his colleagues in the Senate will pass his Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentive Act of 2011 later this year, his fellow lawmakers have just approved on its second reading a counterpart bill in the House of Representatives.
And where is it now?
Political issues never cease to keep our lawmakers busy but Sen. Ralph Recto, author of the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentive Act of 2011, is hoping his proposal will soon be passed into law. By soon, he is looking at June 30--when
The world's first diesel plug-in hybrid
Volvo has revealed the production version of the V60 Plug-in Hybrid that will be launched in 2012. Production is scheduled to start in November of the same year."Our plug-in hybrid has received considerable attention since it was unveiled at
Thailand's three-wheeler charm is headed to fulfill an American dream.Tuk Tuk U.S.A., Inc. has received the approval of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency to sell its line of three-wheelers.
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