Hot damn
No car is ever too extreme. Take the Ford F-150 Raptor, for example. You would think that this off-road beast, barring a little Frankenstein tinkering from John Hennessey, is already at the top of its game. Well, it's not.
For the seventh year in the row
The Ford Mustang isn't just a car-it's an icon. We aren't just referring to the muscle car's solidified place in pop culture, either. In terms of sales performance, this thing is about as sound as they come.
Something else to look forward to this year
Planning to buy a new pickup or midsize SUV? You may want to wait a bit if you're looking for something a bit fresher to hit the market.Ford Philippines has announced that the all-new Ranger and Everest will enter
There’s no escape
Chevrolet has revealed its first-ever pursuit-rated Silverado police unit, and it has a message for any bad guys planning to lose their tail by taking things off-road: Yeah, good luck with that.For law enforcement purposes, the company has
The brand says after-sales support for the models will continue
Have you browsed the Ford Philippines website for a new ride recently? Then you might have noticed something is a little off.Three vehicles-namely the Ford EcoSport, Expedition, and Transit-are no longer listed on the car manufacturer's lineup. We
Who here is holding out for a local release?
Well, we finally have some idea what the local market will get when Ford Philippines finally brings in the all-new Everest.The next-generation midsize SUV has just made its debut at the 2022 Bangkok International Motor Show, and the carmaker
Check out the teaser inside
Given the way gas prices are soaring, you'd be forgiven for setting aside your dreams of owning a performance car to opt for something more economical. What's the sting of settling for an econobox compared to five years of shedding
That giant touchscreen is definitely on our list
So, the all-new Ford Everest has finally been revealed. Not too many surprises in terms of the new design since, well, the 2022 Ranger revealed before it was pretty much a preview of what to expect. But some rather nice upgrades
Anyone here own a 3D printer?
If you're someone who's obsessed with personalizing your car, you're probably aware that money spent on even the simplest accessories can quickly pile up.We aren't even referring to aftermarket mags or aero bits, either. Ask yourself: How
Electric cars dominated ad space this year
The Super Bowl can be a pretty big deal here at Top Gear Philippines-not because we're excited to see a high-stakes game of pigskin being thrown around, but because US car manufacturers go all out for the ads they
Purchasing woes and early impressions
Over years of car ownership, one specific brand has always stood out to me, and not in a good way: Ford. My Ford ownership experience was marred by extreme unreliability and the feeling like both my eyes had been gouged out by
In case floods are a regular thing in your area
Bronco this, Bronco that. It seems like a new Ford Bronco variant is coming out every couple of months now. Not that we're complaining-it's probably just the little green monster in our heads tapping away at the keyboard. Anyway,
The small pickup is, apparently, doing very well for itself
Trucks in the US? In general, we're talking big, burly, gas-guzzling behemoths that look like they can swallow Asian hatchbacks whole. One would think that a smaller segment offering like the Ford Maverick-the car brand's modest new pickup-
This feature should come in handy
Truck manufacturers are constantly finding ways to add utility to their models' beds-everything from additional storage options, to lighting, and more convenient ways to hop on and off them. This one by Ford, though, might be the biggest advancement in that
Bet you didn’t see that coming
In today's episode of things you didn't expect to read in 2022, Ford has built a one-off, Pope-themed Ford Bronco. Because of course it has.The Wimbledon White creation you see above pays homage to the specially modified
Looks like fun
Manufacturer press shots for new cars generally follow a very prescribed theme. Clean car, clean studio, and enough angles to show off every new nut and bolt that has spent years in development. Not with the new Ford Bronco Raptor, though.Ford
This, or the standard Raptor?
John Hennessey saw that Ford planned to unveil the Bronco Raptor and basically said, "Hold my beer."This is the Hennessey Bronco VelociRaptor 400. It's a souped-up version of the high-demand off-road plaything, and its reveal came several
The truck definitely has a case
Gnarlier versions of everyday cars, like Ford's Raptor series, serve two main purposes in our books. The first is so car buyers looking for extra capability have something to throw money at. And the second is to keep companies like Shelby
There’s still life in the current generation yet
Yes, the all-new Ford Ranger is on the way. With a burly new exterior and improved performance, it's understandable if you've already moved on from the current-gen pickup and have your sights set on upgrading next year. But
As revealing as teasers come
The Renegade, Jeep's subcompact crossover offering and arguably the brand's cutest car to date, is getting a refresh.The American car manufacturer dropped a teaser for the updated version over in Brazil, and it's about as revealing as teasers
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