Only five will be made
Got it in one. Is there a more speed-suggestive letter in the alphabet? Answers on a postcard. Anyway, yes, faster. But it's how and where that speed comes from that's...unexpected. Ariel already offers a supercharger kit for the
“It gives every trip a sense of adventure”
The off-road Ariel Atom. Although there's more to the Nomad than taking an Atom, raising the suspension, and bolting on a set of knobblies. That said, that is exactly where Ariel started. They tested it, they liked it, so they
It has to be perfect
Behold a new, special edition of the Ariel Ace. Yes, Ace. It's a two-wheeled Atom in ethos and this new Iron Horse edition has arrived to make it notably shinier.That's all thanks to its CNC-machined aluminum frame.
Built by BorgWarner as a test bed for electric-powertrain technologies
Can electric cars really be fun to drive? It's a question that petrolheads are still trying to get their heads around. Some have been bitten by the instant acceleration bug, others need more convincing.The creation above may help to persuade
Yep, the maker of Atom makes bikes, too. This one’s the Ace of Diamonds
Welcome to the cheapest way into the beautifully crafted, exceptionally rapid, and massively fun world of Ariel. Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you-it's a motorcycle.The Ace has been around since 2014, but we'd forgive you for not
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