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Armored from the inside out while it’s on the production line
Sneaky sneaky...
Ever heard the one about a bulletproof Land Rover?And before you reply, 'Yeah, it's called a Land Cruiser', we should point out that we're talking about a literally bulletproof Land Rover. A new Defender 110, to be precise.OK,
Yours for $249,000
No, what you're looking at isn't a unit out of a Command and Conquer reboot. This beast actually comes courtesy of armored vehicle specialist Rezvani, and it might just be the most absurdly beefed-up luxury car on the planet.
Looks like a certified beast
Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruisers are about a dime a dozen on the Internet already. This, however, is pretty unique in the sense that it takes the idea of beefing up Toyota's iconic SUV and kicks it up several notches higher.Say
This looks badass
We've already seen what a Philippine-made supercar might potentially look like thanks to Aurelio. Local cyberpunk motorcycles? Lycan is working on a couple you might one day be interested in buying, too. Now, we've also been treated to a
Now this is what we call durability
If there's one thing a Michael Bay movie is good for, it's explosions. It doesn't matter if it's a car, a plane, an aircraft carrier-hell, even a meteor. If you can touch it, Bay will have it
We wonder what sitting in one of these in traffic is like
If you're even considering buying an armored vehicle, chances are you have bigger problems to worry about than staying comfortable while stuck in traffic. Perhaps assassinations or kidnappings?That said, if someone's willing to go to those kinds of lengths
We reckon they’ll do fine
There's a reason the Chevrolet Suburban is a constant presence in film and television, often seen trying to keep VIPs in one piece from point A to B: the SUV has a reputation for being a go-to security vehicle in
The S680 Guard offers VR10 protection, or in other words, maximum defense
If you're reading this with the intention of buying a new armored limo, may we suggest you think about your life choices for a second?Not that we meant to tell you how you should live your life, but if you
Right here in the Philippines
If you're constantly passing time in quarantine consuming viral videos online, you've likely come across one of a skilled driver fending off armed criminals attempting to rob him of his cargo in South Africa.His weapon of choice? Not a
One of the most versatile rides we’ve ever come across
Few vehicles on earth carry the reputation of being capable of surviving an apocalypse, but even fewer can claim they can drive away from multiple kinds of world's-end scenarios.The Storm MPV by Highland Systems appears to be one such
It was called the SYNus. Yep, and it was spelled that way
At first glance, it looks like an armored van. At second glance, it still looks like an armored van. Even at a very long, quite searching third glance, it still really does give the impression of being an armored van.And that'
With 600hp and ‘Dyneema’ armor plating
The past week, Ford revealed a brand-new F-150 Raptor. Well, it turns out the outgoing one has something to say about it.This is no ordinary Raptor. If any vastly overpowered monster truck sold from a factory can ever be
But it’s got a hefty asking price of P30 million
Turns out armored cars have come a long way since the massive, heavy military vehicles of old. This, folks, is a Ferrari 458 Speciale with enough protection to shrug off a round from a .44 Magnum.It's the work of Los
If the A-Team needed an office on wheels
No, an A-Team reboot isn't in the works. This photo wasn't taken in some discreet Los Angeles film studio, but right here in the Philippines. We don't blame you, though-that stealthy red and black color scheme definitely
Deployment is scheduled for 2024
Another car manufacturer is beefing up its presence in the military. This time it's Kia, which has announced plans to develop a new platform for next-generation military vehicles.In a statement, the car manufacturer shared that it will begin manufacturing
The company builds more than just tanks
If you're familiar with Inkas, it's probably because its work-bulletproof cars and trucks and, well, Coco Martin's armored personnel carrier -has caught your attention at one point or another. The company does more than build tanks, though.Take
For those who find a standard G63 a bit boring
The Mercedes-AMG G63 is far from a shrinking violet, but how does one go above and beyond the standard tuning fare to stand out from the crowd? Well, it turns out that one would need to give Toronto-based protectionists Inkas
Courtesy of a company called AddArmor
It might have seven seats and the dimensions of a Range Rover, but the Americans regard the Cadillac XT6 as a crossover. Heck, XT6 even stands for Crossover Touring 6, apparently.As a result, Wyoming-based protection specialist AddArmor is claiming that
Made by a US-based manufacturer
Love them or hate them, it looks like you're going to have to deal with police checkpoints for a considerable while longer. The government has extended the enhanced community quarantine period (ECQ) in select areas of the Philippines until May 15,
Fit for all your villainous needs
Notice anything different about this Mansory-tuned G-Class? On the face of it, this G63 is no different from the company's other creations, with its bulbous bull bar, tarty interior, 800hp power upgrade, and questionable bodykit. But look closely and
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