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Now on its 14th year, the Isuzu Crosswind has once again been updated by Isuzu Philippines, equipping it "with attractive features that definitely set it apart from other AUV models on the market today."For 2015, the Crosswind has a new one-
Here's what they did to their rides
Last week, we posted a photo of a lowered Mitsubishi Adventure on our Facebook page. In spite of the fact that the photo got quite a number of negative comments from "haters," the vehicle's owner was so happy seeing his car
Now available at authorized dealers
As if the 'utility' part in 'Asian Utility Vehicle' isn't clear enough for buyers of this type of vehicles, Isuzu Philippines is bringing to the market the even more utility-oriented Crosswind XS AUV.Available exclusively in Glacial White, the Crosswind
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Industry giant Toyota Motor Philippines has beefed up its promo lineup with a new package and a new vehicle to offer at affordable rates. In Toyota's Biggest Savings promo, the car company is offering the Toyota Fortuner sport-utility vehicle
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Isuzu Philippines is making shopping for a diesel-powered vehicle easier as it brings Isuzu vehicles to various malls this summer. The sport-utility vehicle Isuzu Alterra, pickup truck Isuzu D-Max and Asian utility vehicle Isuzu Crosswind will be in different
This car ain't broke, not at all. What it's suffering from is a datedness that mere upgrades to the sheet metal and interior won't reverse.
The Isuzu Crosswind is a very curious model. On the one hand, if I hadn't bothered tracing its physical evolution these past few years via photos on the Internet, I'd have been hard pressed to note the differences between this
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Hi, Botchi! We're choosing between a Mitsubishi Adventure GLS Sport Diesel, an Isuzu Crosswind XTI or XT and a Toyota Innova. It will be our first brand new vehicle and we want it to be worth it. Please help us decide.
Soldiering on the platform that has proven its dominance in the Asian utility vehicle segment for years, Isuzu Philippines recently unveiled variants of the 2010 Crosswind.
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