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Complete with turbocharging and hybridization
This is the engine that will power the Aston Martin Valhalla. It's the first engine designed in-house by the British carmaker itself-rather than wheeled in on crates from elsewhere-since 1968. England still had possession of the World Cup
The carmaker’s new supercar lines up with the classics
Aston Martin Vantage. DB5. And the new Valhalla. Look at these Astons, just hanging out, chewing the fat, discussing the problems of the world, seeing which one bears the most scars. Usual stuff. Either that or the old timers are about to
We think this is it
The name, as we've only recently discovered, is Valhalla. Aston Martin Valhalla. And it'll be in the next 007 film, meaning Bond will get behind the wheel of a track-honed, twin-turbo hypercar. Sweet.At least, we suspect he'
Only 500 units will be produced
The car formerly known as AM-RB 003 is now very formally known as the Aston Martin Valhalla. Yep, the Valkyrie's baby brother pinches the name from Norse mythology that represents the warrior's paradise.It also continues Aston Martin's
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