VW Group CEO says you just “run out of arguments” about not joining
Huge news! Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess has all but confirmed that both Audi and Porsche will enter Formula 1 later this decade.The boss was speaking at a Q&A session in Wolfsburg that was brilliantly named Dialog mit Diess."You
Well deserved
What makes a contemporary performance car? Obviously, you need to have the numbers under the hood or, as with many spec beasts these days, hiding inside a battery and some electric motors.Then, of course, there's the driving. You need to
Did you see this on the road?
Last Sunday, some of you guys probably came across a massive convoy of supercars and performance rides strutting their stuff south of Metro Manila. As you probably guessed, all of these vehicles converging in one spot wasn't a coincidence.What you
Motorsport has always been part of its DNA
Audi has responded to the rumors that it's looking to join Formula 1 in 2026, and the noises from its boss of technical development Oliver Hoffmann sound rather promising indeed."Motorsports is part of the DNA of Audi," he said. "Of
Wagons don't get enough love
Remember the Audi A6 e-tron concept from April last year? Well, the one you really want is finally here-yep, it's the Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept.This is great news, because as well as being a fantastic-looking
Check out how Mr. Block has modified the RS e-tron GT to suit his needs
If you're a regular user of this thing we call the Internet, you'll no doubt know by now that Ken Block has become an Audi man. Heck, the Germans have even built him a car for his upcoming 'Elektrikhana' video-
“Basically a Lamborghini Huracan undercover”
Underground Racing, purveyor of some of the fastest modified Lamborghinis on planet Earth, has announced a tuning package for the brand-new Audi R8 V10 Plus.Yep, not satisfied with the natural aspiration of Audi's rather lovely 5.2-liter V10
Which of these did you find most shocking?
So, in no particular order, here are some of the moments from Planet Car in 2021 that made us go "Eh?" And we begin near the end of the year, with yet another controversial BMW. We shouldn't be shocked by now,
That would be the R8 V10 Performance RWD. Took them long enough
Nope, this is not a hardcore track-attack limited edition, like the Audi R8's extrovert Lamborghini Huracan STO cousin. That car, it appears, is waiting in the wings...This is pretty much the rear-wheel-drive R8 as you know it,
As they say, better late than...
There's been something missing from the current generation of Audi R8. Not noise, not speed...something raw. While its sister car, the Lamborghini Huracan, has spawned the trick-aero Performante and the wild Huracan STO, Audi has been weirdly quiet on
Is this a car or a plane?
Remember how some people were confused when car manufacturers started equipping their products with dials and buttons instead of shift knobs and brake levers? Quite a few purists were up in arms about it.We ask because Audi has just released interior
The standard version’s grille is heavy on shiny metal
This is the facelifted Audi A8, although the folks in Ingolstadt would prefer if we referred to this midlife update as a 'product improvement.'Anyway, the facelift (whoops) marks four years on sale for this fourth-generation A8. Sales have been strong
But Tesla has made a huge jump in this year’s list, moving 26 places up
Interbrand's list of the 100 Best Global Brands of 2021 is out, and it appears a certain carmaker has stood out among the list: Tesla.The American EV giant-after re-entering the list in 2020 and landing straight into 40th
Not all of these rides were for him, though
It goes without saying that making it to the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a life-changing step up financially. Depending on how your career pans out, you could be looking at setting your family up for several generations.Of course, NBA
Power’s up by around 30hp
Audi has quietly announced an upgrade to the loudest car it makes. Today, friends, we welcome a brand-new R8 into the fold.Yes, a new R8-remember them? With all the noise surrounding Audi's fully-electric e-tron range, it'
Trading V8 engines for batteries
Earlier this year, YouTube drift king Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing's long-running deal with Ford Performance finally came to an end. Shortly afterward, 53-year-old tire-shredder announced he was hopping back into a Subaru, and that was that.
The industry is definitely going electric
Last week, Munich played host to its first major motor show since COVID-19 hit. And from what we saw, the realization that there's been a big gear change in the industry was incredibly apparent.To give it its official 'IAA
Although we’re not sure about the plant in there...
Like the open-topped, extending-wheelbase Skysphere that we saw back in August and the presumably city-sized Urbansphere that is set to be unveiled next spring, Audi's latest Gransphere concept has also been designed from the inside out and places
There’s gray if ‘Kyalami Green’ or ‘Python Yellow’ is too loud for you
Calling all fast Audi enthusiasts and, um, anyone at work who needs to kill a bit of time before their next meal break-it's the configurator for the new RS3.The main takeaways are: a) this is not a cheap car,
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