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It's priced like one, too
Lamborghini isn't exactly known for its subtle designs. Then again, when you make cars that are ridiculously fast and expensive, subtlety isn't always a priority. The Italian carmaker has taken the same approach in its new venture into the audio
Inspired by music, literally
One of the benefits of purchasing a luxury car is that you also get a premium audio system. You don't get the dinky four-speaker setup installed in basic subcompacts. In fact, most high-end automobiles have systems designed by Bose,
It could be obsolete real soon
If you're a music lover, driving music is as important to you as the vehicle's air-conditioning system: The trip would simply be the most uncomfortable and most awkward drive one could ever imagine. And if you love your driving
A mobile boom box, in other words
Many car enthusiasts nowadays like to "pimp their ride" by changing the wheels, tweaking the engine, and modifying the look via bodykit. But one of the most modified part of any car is the audio system. In fact, never mind that the
Its most feature-packed receiver to date
With its position as the premier car show of the ASEAN region's automotive hub, the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show is also an ideal venue for aftermarket manufacturers to introduce their important products. One such brand that held an official launch
It looks period-correct
The problem with owning classic cars is that you'd like everything to look as period-correct as possible, which means installing a 2-DIN touchscreen entertainment and navigation system is out of the question. That won't be a problem for
But only with necessary options
Spotify users can now bring the popular music-streaming service into their car--provided it's a BMW or a Mini that's equipped with the German carmaker's Apps option.As of last week, all Spotify users on iOS are able
We drive it to La Union
The Mitsubishi ASX is like the boy from high school who made a girl's heart skip a beat for the first time. It possesses a fierce face and a squarish jaw that convey confidence without looking too arrogant. It's not
How much are the variants?
To help boost the sales of the CR-V, Honda Cars Philippines has introduced this: the CR-V Cruiser Edition. Available until August 31 this year, this new CR-V edition essentially has one main selling point: a six-inch touchscreen Kenwood
But will we get it?
Noise-canceling technology, which used to be exclusive to headphones, has now found its way into cars thanks to audio equipment manufacturer Bose.Utilizing the same technology Bose uses for its headphones, which cancels sound with sound, the same principle is now
As seen on the European GT86
The first time we reported here that the audio head unit of the Philippine-market Toyota 86 looked exactly like that of the Innova, the story received unsavory comments from people who felt that a special car like the 86 deserved a
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