Articles about Augmented Reality

How do they work?
In April, Jaguar Land Rover revealed that it was developing a technology that makes the hood virtually invisible via a camera in the grille that projects the image it captures onto a head-up display to create a 'see-through' view through
System could become commercially available soon
Some cars have so much sheet metal that having a camera mounted at the rear and projecting the image onto a video screen on the center console becomes a must. Others make do with a sonar system and put all their faith
But first, you'll have to help fund it
In racing video games, you're often given the opportunity to race against yourself via the use of a ghost car, which is essentially a simulation of your previous lap. In real life, however, the only way you know how well you'
Could make road kills a thing of the past
Seemingly invisible hoods could soon become a reality now that Land Rover has revealed that it is developing a pioneering technology that could make the front of the car virtually invisible.Utilizing cameras located in the vehicle's grille area, an image
Starring the Volkswagen Beetle, of course
If you have our November 2013 issue, you ought to know that you can do pretty cool stuff with its Volkswagen Beetle cover.You see, embedded in the cover photo of the Beetle are videos that can be accessed and viewed by
Goodbye to DVDs of kids' cartoons on long road trips?
In-car entertainment for back-seat passengers is usually limited to videos but things may soon change and rides would be less boring.Toyota Motor Europe plans to make the journey for back-seat passengers both playful and educational by teaming up
Like a heads-up display, only not
Car audio manufacturer Pioneer may have just unveiled the next big thing in car-infotainment systems by unveiling a head unit that not only doubles as a navigation system but also enhances the information it provides through the use of augmented reality (
If you couldn't get enough of last December's Z4 AR treat
If you had fun playing with the augmented reality-based (AR) BMW Z4 in our December 2010 issue, then you might want to check out a similar rendering with the recently launched BMW X3.Grab a copy of Top Gear Philippines' March
Dinzo and Botchi show you how!
Augmented reality (AR) is the hottest trend in spicing up magazines in the United States right now. And because we like to think of ourselves as being on the cutting edge of publishing, we have partnered with GMA New Media Inc. to
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