Here’s the 2022 season of this debate
Looking at official numbers online, you'd think we were in the golden age of the automatic transmission. More gears. Faster acceleration times. Better official fuel-economy numbers. Despite the extra cost and complexity, automatic transmissions seem to be a much better
Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of you
Maybe you read the title of this story and wondered to yourself just how hard driving a car equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) could be. It's just like any other automatic, right? Press the throttle to move, the brakes
It actually depends
Manual transmissions are dying. In recent years, we're starting to see fewer and fewer stick-shift vehicles arrive in our market, and it's sheer proof that the era of three-pedal driving is really coming to an end.Of course,
It’s a lot easier than most people may think
If there's one feature that a lot of us can appreciate in modern-day automatic cars, it's that most of them now come with a manual mode. Back then, you'd think such a luxury would be exclusive to the
Let’s quickly run through the basics
The manual transmission is sadly but surely dying. We've known that for quite some time now. Who would want to operate a clutch through heavy traffic in the city day in and day out, right? These days, comfort is king, and
It now celebrates the first full decade of its pioneering motorcycle tech
Honda has reached a new milestone today: It celebrates 10 years since it introduced the first-ever DCT-equipped motorcycle, a configuration that remains unique to the motorcycle manufacturer a full decade later.The first bike to sport Honda's dual-clutch
Let’s draw a line between mobility and driving
The car as it is today remains saddled (pun intended) with the legacy of the horse-drawn carriage. In fact, the name is literally an abbreviation of automated carriage, and if I had a few hours to bore you senseless, I'd
Give us a proper shift knob any day
Just a quick one this week, because there's no arguing here: Rotary gear selectors are dumb.To shift between Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive in an automatic car, there are several sensible methods. A big chunky lever, like in, say, a
They call this new tech the ‘ICT Connected Shift System’
If you've always wondered how automatic transmissions (AT) work, it's seriously complicated. From a driver's point of view, it looks simple: you need not step on a clutch pedal to change gears in an automatic car because the machine
Can this scooter fulfill its goal of reaching a wide range of riders?
Very few Filipinos these days haven't heard of the Yamaha's Mio line of scooters. Swarms of this scoot zip through the metro on a daily basis. Whether they're students heading to school, employees making their way to work, or
Some are complicated, others are damn near impossible
Porsche's seamlessly smooth, seriously swift 'PDK' double-clutch gearbox was first fitted in the 911 back in 2008. The definitive sports car gets the best gearbox in the world-what a moment! Or it would've been, if Porsche hadn't
You can easily ditch your car for any of these two-wheelers
Got time? If you're commuting in Metro Manila, yes, but you're not spending it the way you want. According to Waze's global survey, the metro is a regular A-lister for the world's worst traffic conditions. Whether you
Yes, there are some AT options at that price
Planning to do most of your driving in the gridlocked city? If your answer is yes, chances are you're looking for a vehicle with either a CVT or an automatic transmission. But what if you're on a relatively tight budget?
Heed these warnings
The transmission is arguably the most complicated part of a car. Efficiently transmitting the power from the engine to a usable speed to the wheels is a demanding mechanical job, or in the case of automatic transmissions, an electro-hydraulic-mechanical affair.
An age-old question
When acquiring a new vehicle, it's only right to consider the cost of maintenance as it is an intrinsic component of car ownership. The car's transmission is one of its principal components that require care and maintenance for the vehicle
What’s the right thing to do?
This question landed in our inbox recently: "Hi, TGP. I've just started driving and read this article that says not to shift to neutral even at a red light because it causes damage to the car. When am I supposed to
Is it cause for concern?
Hi, I need help for my car please. My car is a Mazda 626 1997 AT model. My problem now is the delayed shifting. What should I do?The first thing you could do before taking it to a qualified mechanic is
Real men ride pink scooters
Are compact scooters also good for long rides?This is one of the most frequently asked questions of newbie riders looking for a reliable steed to cope with the daily traffic, the high cost of fuel, and the difficulty of finding parking
‘There’s no way to go but electric’
Taiwanese scooter builder Kymco has revealed plans to build a modern scooter manufacturing plant somewhere in Batangas, which will involve huge investments ranging anywhere from $12 million (P650 million) to $18 million (P972 million).Reports say Kymco Philippines has started conducting a
We’re talking over a decade here
We've driven the Mitsubishi Xpander before-overseas, on local roads before the official launch, and more recently during Mitsubishi Motor Philippines' first media test drive for this model. But it's taken us this long to notice one little detail we
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