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A must-see for automotive historians
Upcycling is currently all the rage. And last year, Fiat Chrysler got in on the trend, turning an old-and huge-transmission workshop at its historic Mirafiori factory into the best retirement home ever.It's called the Heritage Hub, and it'
Do you remember these?
Current windshield stickers are used by both public and private entities to indicate that vehicles they are operating are legally allowed to use either public (national) or private (subdivision) roads. Since the 1960s, government institutions, private schools, corporations, and clubs have also
We miss the old days
A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us old photos of you and your rides, and you guys didn't disappoint. You see, we love seeing those old and faded photographs because they bring us back to a much simpler
There’s also a P201,000 ‘base variant’ for all you cheapskates out there
Bentley is celebrating a big birthday this year. And this is (part of) how it's doing it. With a book. A really big one, created with "specialist luxury book publisher" Opus, featuring nine chapters and more than 800 pages.The Bentley
Nostalgia isn't always a good thing
Fads come and go. That's life for you. But like in fashion, where things like elephant pants were once considered the epitome of cool, some automotive trends are best left to the history books. Here are six of the worst offenders:
Do you remember driving one?
Ah, the owner-type jeep. For some, this vehicle was nothing more than a tacky or worn down old coot, covered in chrome and equipped with only the barest essentials: A set of wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel and pedals.
Learn about classic automobiles and Philippine history
If our cars are extensions of who we are, then our country's past presidential cars reflect not just their users' personalities and preferences-these people, after all, were once our heads of state. Each state car thus also represents the political,
The highs and lows
When the reasonably priced, four-seat pony car debuted in New York in 1964, it instantly, dramatically shifted the American car market about its axis. The Ford Mustang racked up 22,000 sales on its first day, effectively birthing the muscle car
These are little treasures #tbt
There are two vital archival materials that are collected and preserved for posterity. The first are the textual and non-textual records created by an individual, institution, or company. These are correspondences, reports, contracts and other agreements (textual); and photographs, illustrations, and
From tractors to looms
We've always wondered how marques manage to come up with new tech and toys every year, trying to outdo the competition. And it's not like competition and consumer options are whittling down.In fact, despite urban traffic and the continuous
Let's go back 100 years
Cars, trucks and motorcycles were introduced and made available in the country by trading companies as early as 1901. Although the US dollar was equivalent to two Philippine silver pesos during that period, the price of a motorized vehicle was considered a
Plus a brief history lesson on car paint
For centuries, monochrome black was the customary color used or applied to many works done: drawing pictograms, writing manuscripts, and even in painting carriages and coaches. Its application was due to practicality or expediency.A general sample is the 'black' thick India
A brief history lesson
Exactly 119 years ago today, June 12, the Act of Philippine Independence was proclaimed before a large afternoon crowd at the town of Cavite Viejo, now Kawit, Cavite. The red, white and blue Philippine flag with a yellow sun and three stars
Happening on June 8 to 11
The Japanese carmaker that would later give us icons like the Lancer and Pajero got its start way back in 1917, with the Mitsubishi Model A. Fast forward a century, and the time has come to celebrate a milestone.From June 8
The history of Mazda: Part 1
The mountains are bathed in bluish-purple pre-dawn light as I step out of the Kokusai Kanko Ryokan in Iwakuni City. I'm dressed in a traditional Japanese yukata, camera in hand, eager to snap a few pictures of the famous
It's part of Philippine history
Next year, the Mitsubishi L300 celebrates its 30th birthday. Or its 34th. Or is that 38th? Confusing? That's understandable, as the L300's journey to market in the Philippines is indeed a long and convoluted one.Back before AUVs--
'Big body 'yan, pare!'
Pinoys have a funny way of naming things, including all the weird and wonderful nicknames they've given to cars over the years. Obviously, some of those nicknames are based on popular trim variants of the car. People still call sixth-generation (
A lesson in automotive history
The Peugeot family, which originally hailed from Sochaux, France, were very influential industrialists. The company that became Peugeot started in 1810, and its product range consisted of salt, pepper and coffee mills, (which the company still produces today in France).Since the
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