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From press accreditation to shutter openings
This past August, I was fortunate enough to be sent to the US to cover two events at two different racetracks in California. Both circuits are professionally run and operated to world-class standards.As a photographer, I consider it a privilege
Featuring the Mazda 3
Have you ever wondered what goes on during a Top Gear cover shoot? Have you ever wondered how the cars on the cover are prepared and shot to make them look awesome and cover-worthy?Such is the challenge every Top Gear
Consider packing these in your camera bag
So you're headed out for a car shoot. You've hauled all the essentials I talked about last time around, and you think you're all set. But wait! There are actually some more items that are better to have than
These little pieces of gear go a long way
If you've been following this column about car photography, you should now be aware that choosing the right gear influences the quality of your car shot. While there is no replacing a discerning eye, or even talent, when it comes to
DSLR versus MSC
In the first part of this series, I basically put forward the notion that to take quality car shots, you must at least use a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. And to be able to do so quickly and consistently, you
Which camera should you use?
Now before you reach for those pitchforks and lay siege to our office for such a vile declaration (someone did say that it's always the Indian and not the pana, right?), let me just qualify my statement by saying that the
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