Keep them off, guys
It should go without saying that anyone who's on the road-whether they be drivers or riders-should be paying attention to their surroundings. We aren't just talking about your eyes here, either, as keeping an ear out for potential
The UK thinks so
See that subcompact sedan that figured in a mishap trying to squeeze into a lane? How about the genius who backed into another car trying to park in reverse? "Man, Filipino drivers are dumb," you're probably thinking.We feel your frustration.
In the US market, at least
The results of J.D. Power's 2019 Initial Quality study are in, and it looks like Korean car manufacturers are on the rise-at least in the United States.According to the study, the three highest-ranking car brands in the
Have you ever ended a relationship inside a car?
Love can be a complicated thing. And apparently, a significant other who's either a subpar driver (who probably uses his smartphone when behind wheel), or a hothead in the passenger's seat can make relationships that much harder to
What's next to go?
First, they came for the manual transmissions. Now, it looks like carmakers are beginning to opt to equip their offerings with electronic handbrakes over traditional ones, too. Sad thing is, it looks like the numbers are there to prove it.This is
We'll always be fans of paper
You can tell a lot about a person based on the books on his shelf. Yeah, it's a bit judgmental and superficial, but I were to be judged at all, I much prefer that the basis be my choice in literature
Now 117 graduates and counting
The Auto Mechanic Training Center run by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and funded by Isuzu Motors Limited (IML) of Japan is continuing its mission to provide education to out-of-school youth and help them gain employment after
Guess who dropped four places from the top
Consumer Reports has just published its annual Auto Issue and it has named Subaru as the top carmaker for 2012, knocking down four-year leader Honda to fourth place--behind Mazda and Toyota. This is the first time Subaru topped what Consumer
Followed by those over 80 years old
Motorists aged 16 to 19 and over 80 are most prone to road accidents that result in fatalities, a study conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) showed.According to IAM's study titled Younger and Older Road Users, the victim
Plus the 10 best cars for doing the deed
As much as 54 percent of motorists admit to having had sex in a car, a study by online car retailer said. The research involved 1,000 respondents from the United Kingdom.Of the total number, 32 percent believe sex
Other Asian brands dominate in various segments
Toyota vehicles, including those from the Lexus and Scion brands, are among still the most reliable vehicles in the market despite the numerous safety recalls, a Consumer Reports study showed.In the 2010 Annual Car Reliability Survey of the US-based magazine,
Do you share the sentiments of the Brits?
The BMW 3-Series is the United Kingdom's "most desirable used car," an online used car retailer's data showed that based on page views, the BMW 3-Series is just one of the two models that made
Do you agree?
Car buyers believe the air conditioning system is the most valuable in-car accessory among many built-in features in vehicles sold today.A study conducted by, a classifieds website, showed 81 percent of customers believe this feature is
What's next for the Japanese carmaker's image?<br />
BMW was recently cited as the most valuable automotive brand by market research group Millward Brown in its list of the world's top brands. BMW, which experienced a brand value drop of nine percent, edged Toyota out of the top
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