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It’ll only be available with autonomous cars for now, though
Getting inside a vehicle-whether as a passenger or a driver-and moving from point A to point B seems like a pretty regular thing to do for most of us. But for some people who suffer from motion sickness, it's
The satellites will have various uses, including guidance of self-driving cars
Toward the end of last year, Chinese automotive giant Geely started building satellites for its self-driving cars under its subsidiary Geespace. Now, the carmaker has successfully launched these satellites into outer space.Geespace has officially launched its first nine GeeSAT-1
What an expensive fender bender
Teslas are arguably some of the most technologically advanced cars in the world right now. These electric vehicles are fast, can go several hundreds of kilometers on one full charge, and boast a certain level of autonomy.The last bit, however, has
Baidu and’s autonomous vehicles have been greenlighted for public use
Remember Baidu's driverless taxis in China? Well, Beijing has just issued permits for these autonomous vehicles to operate in select areas in the megacity.According to a report by Reuters, Baidu and have both received go signals to offer
Check out the upcoming changes to their Highway Code
The UK government has said you'll soon be able to watch Die Hard when you're in your self-driving car. Though we may have appended the whole 'Die Hard' bit.Following a public consultation, the Department for Transport has announced
Just look at that lovable face
Honda, like many Japanese carmakers familiar with the constraints of building cars for streets tighter than a unicycle's turning radius, is no stranger to making bite-sized vehicles. The company is a prime example of how size doesn't always matter
The OS will control basic and advanced functions, including autonomous tech
Toyota Motor Corporation has made it clear that over the next decade, it'll be going electric. But that's not the only thing that the carmaker will be focusing on in the coming years.According to a report by Nikkei Asia
The company is now looking to produce 500 units a year
After bang-for-your-buck crossovers and sedans, affordable electric vehicles, and high-end smartphones, Geely is now building satellites.Eighteen months after the start of construction of its satellite production and testing center in Taizhou, China's largest privately-owned automaker
The industry is definitely going electric
Last week, Munich played host to its first major motor show since COVID-19 hit. And from what we saw, the realization that there's been a big gear change in the industry was incredibly apparent.To give it its official 'IAA
Although we’re not sure about the plant in there...
Like the open-topped, extending-wheelbase Skysphere that we saw back in August and the presumably city-sized Urbansphere that is set to be unveiled next spring, Audi's latest Gransphere concept has also been designed from the inside out and places
Was self-driving tech a factor in these mishaps?
Tesla is set to undergo scrutiny from US safety regulatory bodies yet again following multiple road mishaps involving the electric car brand's models and responding emergency vehicles.According to a report by Reuters, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has
It transforms from roadster to grand tourer with the push of a button
A variable wheelbase-that's the highlight of Audi's new concept called 'Skysphere.' What in the world is a car with an adjustable wheelbase, then? It's like a next-level convertible, only way more radical.To give you the gist,
Consumer Reports is a bit worried
Is the auto industry on the brink of ushering in the era of self-driving cars? If the recent rollout of Tesla's 'full self-driving' beta is any indication, the answer is no-at least not yet.US consumer organization Consumer
Think we’ll ever see autonomous PUVs in the PH?
Imagine the perfect PUV driver: He drives at manageable speeds, he's punctual, and perhaps most important, he always checks his side mirrors before making a move. Does he exist around these parts? Possibly. Though we reckon there aren't enough of
It appears Elon Musk might have gotten a little carried away hyping up Tesla's full self-driving capabilities earlier this year.According to a recent report by Reuters, Tesla privately admitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that, contrary
Is this the future of taxi services?
In the Philippines, ride-hailing companies like Grab and, before it ditched the market, Uber, have overtaken taxis in the commuting hierarchy. But we think there's still a future for cabs in the transportation scene-albeit a driverless one.In Beijing,
That’s quite a payday
Lyft probably isn't familiar to some of you on account of its absence in the Philippine market. But alongside Grab and Uber, it's a pretty widely known ride-hailing service, despite only being available in the US.The company was
Or it’s in the pipeline, at least
Is an Apple car happening or not? The constant flow of reports online citing industry sources suggests that the speculation is, at the very least, warranted. But until we hear something official from the Silicon Valley tech giant or any of its
The brand says it’s open to the idea, though
Earlier this year, reports surfaced linking Hyundai to Apple's mysterious autonomous car project. Now, Nissan is supposedly in the mix as well.Not so fast, the Japanese carmaker says.According to a report by Reuters, Nissan has denied reports that it
The autonomous vehicle will transport athletes during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics
Toyota had big things lined up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But as we all know, COVID-19 happened, and all plans went down the toilet and the Olympics itself was postponed to 2021.Naturally, though, work for Toyota went on, and
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