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No need to drive home under the influence
Time and time again, motorists have been reminded to never drink and drive. Countless lives have been lost due to irresponsible drivers who get behind the wheel after having one too many shots. This has prompted a number of countries to enforce
A month after selling her Bentley
The British Queen seems to be getting quite enamored with this whole motoring malarkey. A month after she had sold one of her Bentleys, Queen Elizabeth II is now set to unveil plans to legislate for autonomous cars on UK roads.In
You can drive, relax or work
The concept of autonomous driving cars is nothing new. Audi, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are just some of the carmakers that are developing systems that will make it possible to set one's vehicle to autopilot one day.Volvo, however, wants to
And it did good times, too
Audi has been hard at work testing its self-driving or autonomous cars for quite some time now. We even reported that this piece of technology--known as piloted driving in Audi-speak--will soon be making it into production via the
Sets up billion-dollar research institute
If you're an '80s kid, chances are you remember KITT, or the Knight Industries Two Thousand. This was the smart-aleck black Pontiac Tans Am that was the star of the TV series Knight Rider. One of KITT's most famous
How about a driverless GT-R?
A few days ago, we reported that Nissan has been studying how animals move--specifically how they don\'t bump into one another. Well, it seems the Japanese carmaker\'s most recent announcement is related to that.According to Nissan, it is
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