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While keeping its rugged looks
The Toyota Tamaraw is back! If you've seen the news, this legendary Asian utility vehicle (AUV) will return to the country. Local production will begin in 2024.Just like its right-hand-drive Rangga Concept twin from Indonesia, the left-hand
The comeback is real
Back in February, it was reported that the Toyota Tamaraw will be making its comeback soon in the Philippines. It was essentially confirmed by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) president Atsuhiro Okamoto, along with mentions of a diesel engine that will power the
Remember this?
Kids these days probably only recognize this thing as a run-of-the-mill public transportation vehicle. Hell, we're not even sure there's that many of these still serving Filipino commuters on a daily basis. There was a time, though,
One of the truly reliable AUVs from decades past
Before the advent of stylish and tech-loaded crossovers and midsize SUVs, Philippine roads were once dominated by the mighty Asian utility vehicle, or AUV for short. Our very own Niky Tamayo wrote a beautiful adieu to these models a few years
Bringing an AUV icon into the 21st century
The Mitsubishi Adventure was born in the late '90s. This Asian utility vehicle (AUV) was meant to challenge the Toyota Tamaraw and the Isuzu Highlander, but compared with its rivals, it was the one that evolved the least-in fact, the basic
All you need to know about this model, plus how to keep it running strong
Twenty years after its debut, the Mitsubishi Adventure has bowed out, having sold over 100,000 units in this country. An impressive feat for a truck that has gone on basically unchanged since the turn of the century. Its retirement has been
This is what we think it would look like
The now-discontinued Isuzu Crosswind landed on our shores at the beginning of the century, and it only received minimal updates during a local run of over 16 years. Its older architecture also meant it used older-generation Isuzu mechanicals. This includes
An ode to the Isuzu Crosswind, Mitsubishi Adventure
On most Top Gear photo shoots, curious onlookers stop to ogle the cars, security guards rush out asking for permits, and half a dozen editors stand around shooting artsy pics for their Instagram accounts. Here, the only sound is the snickety-snick
For those who value space over refinement
If you're a child of the '90s, you may be familiar with the "Mom Mobile." I am quite familiar with it, because it was part of the slogan my dad created for the Mitsubishi Space Wagon ad campaign. Naturally, we bought
It keeps going and going and going...
Now on its 14th year, the Isuzu Crosswind has once again been updated by Isuzu Philippines, equipping it "with attractive features that definitely set it apart from other AUV models on the market today."For 2015, the Crosswind has a new one-
To be launched in 2016
Bentley has released the first teaser photo of its SUV which is due to go on sale in 2016.Although the British luxury carmaker has yet to reveal the vehicle's name, it claims that it "will be the most luxurious and
Here's what they did to their rides
Last week, we posted a photo of a lowered Mitsubishi Adventure on our Facebook page. In spite of the fact that the photo got quite a number of negative comments from "haters," the vehicle's owner was so happy seeing his car
Still selling like hotcakes
The Isuzu Crosswind may be an aging vehicle, but it remains a best-seller, according to Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC).During a road trip to Pampanga this week with a small group of media, IPC revealed that based on official sales reports,
A more luxurious variant
Isuzu Philippines Corporation has added special SUV features to its best-selling multipurpose vehicle to come up with the Crosswind Sportivo X variant."The Crosswind is a very important model for Isuzu Philippines Corporation as we intend to reach our sales target
Now available at authorized dealers
As if the 'utility' part in 'Asian Utility Vehicle' isn't clear enough for buyers of this type of vehicles, Isuzu Philippines is bringing to the market the even more utility-oriented Crosswind XS AUV.Available exclusively in Glacial White, the Crosswind
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!Please help us. Can you suggest a good Asian-utility vehicle? We're planning to buy one that we can use for family road trips and for business. Right now, the obvious choices are the Isuzu Crosswind XT and the
Plus: More things you need to know about car theft
Are you driving a Toyota Fortuner? Then it's time to secure your parking area. The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has identified the Toyota sport-utility vehicle as the top favorite of car thieves.The Toyota Fortuner is
Take your pick<br />
Industry giant Toyota Motor Philippines has beefed up its promo lineup with a new package and a new vehicle to offer at affordable rates. In Toyota's Biggest Savings promo, the car company is offering the Toyota Fortuner sport-utility vehicle
Check out the schedule here<br />
Isuzu Philippines is making shopping for a diesel-powered vehicle easier as it brings Isuzu vehicles to various malls this summer. The sport-utility vehicle Isuzu Alterra, pickup truck Isuzu D-Max and Asian utility vehicle Isuzu Crosswind will be in different
In case you were misinformed
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