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Using concrete plant boxes instead of dividers sounds like such a good idea
Yay or nay?
In case you missed it, Baguio City has a traffic problem. The Summer Capital's vehicle congestion issues have become so pronounced that the local government is even mulling charging visitors with cars a P50 fee to help address the problem.A
No PWD-related accidents due to these tactile pavements have been recorded yet
Ever seen a sidewalk marked with colored bumps that seemingly stretch the length of the walkway? Those tactile surfaces are there to help persons with disabilities (PWDs), such as blind pedestrians, navigate the city.There were a number of these installed around
So far, this is still only a proposal
Planning a trip up to the Summer Capital anytime soon? Then you should probably know that Baguio City is looking into charging visiting motorists a congestion fee.The Baguio City Council recently approved a proposed ordinance to charge tourists with vehicles a
Other major roads leading to Benguet Province may currently be impassable
It's all over the news this morning: The magnitude 7.3 earthquake that shook Abra and the rest of Luzon. Perhaps the worst part of it here in Metro Manila is the temporary suspension of train operations. Up north, however, the
These HOHO buses are set to roll out by July 15
It isn't just Metro Manila that has to deal with heavy traffic day in and day out. Tourist hotspots like Baguio City have the same problems, especially now that people are starting to travel again.Data from Baguio City's tourist
Who’s excited to be traveling again?
Revenge travelers, it seems the time has truly come to satisfy your wanderlust. And if your plans require you to travel between Clark International Airport and Baguio City, the good news is that the point-to-point (P2P) bus opertaions between the
Planning a trip to the Summer Capital?
Summer season is just about here, and we reckon some of you have already been excitedly planning a trip up to Baguio City the past couple of weeks. We guessed right, didn't we?Well, did you know you don't necessarily
All approved requests shall be honored, but all pending ones are now rejected
The COVID-19 situation here in the Philippines has taken a turn for the worse to start off 2022. In light of the recent spike in active cases and the looming threat of the Omicron variant, the government has now tightened restrictions
A custom vehicle that can put a smile on anyone’s face
The iconic jeepney has taken many forms throughout the years. Arguably one of the most interesting versions, however, is Jeepito.Our assistant managing editor Jason Tulio says it sounds like the man who created Pinocchio (ha...), but it's actually the 'World'
The ordinance allows for some exemptions, though
Any plans to head up to Baguio City soon? Well, you had better make sure your car is properly identified before you embark on your road trip.The Baguio City Council has passed an ordinance that will prohibit cars without a license
Would you fly in one of these things?
If you'll recall, a Filipino inventor went viral a couple of years ago after revealing a 'flying car.' Air quotes are in order because the vehicle's build looked more like a drone than a four-wheeler. But it was still
Good move
That Baguio City has seen better days is a common sentiment from many people who've visited the nation's summer capital the past couple of years. The main culprit? Based purely on the eye test, you could count rapid urbanization and
There are procedures, but they're worth it
Baguio City has always been known as the summer capital of the Philippines, but I prefer to see it as the Filipino's power bank for the soul. Every time I go up that winding mountain road and inhale the crisp cold
Did you get caught up in the middle of all this?
Even with the coronavirus pandemic preventing tourists from flocking to the Summer Capital of the Philippines this holiday season, it appears that Baguio City locals still have some heavy traffic to deal with these days.The local government unit recently hosted a
Missing the mountains?
Planning a trip to Baguio City already? If so, there's a convenient new way to get to the country's summer capital without bringing your own car you may want to check is a new online platform powered
The flow of cars is becoming a real issue here
If you drove up to Baguio City over the 2019 holidays, you'll know that vehicular congestion in the country's Summer Capital is seriously getting out of hand.According to data from the Department of Public Works and Highway's (DPWH)
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