To be replaced by a full-hybrid lineup
Bentley has announced production of its 6.0-liter W12 engine will come to an end next year.It's part of the company's mission to level the average emissions across its entire range of cars to 0g/km of CO2
You’d expect nothing less
Are you as meticulous about shoe care as you are car care? If so, this limited-edition drop from a custom shoemaker might interest you.Bentley has collaborated with Los Angeles-based collective The Surgeon to release this collection of one-of-
Perhaps the quietest and most comfortable way to reach 330kph
We're not saying we're disappointed that the new Bentley Flying Spur Speed only has 626hp - that is a huge amount of horsepower after all - but it does mean that the Speed is no quicker than the standard W12-engined Flying
Rest in peace, Ma’am
While she's been chauffeured in hundreds of exquisite machines, it's no surprise to learn that Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had a fondness for driving herself.Britain's longest reigning monarch-who sadly passed away aged 96-was a
This shouldn’t be too hard
There are celebrities that like keeping some of their rides low-key. Derek Ramsay, for example, owns a modified Suzuki Jimny that manages to blend in despite carrying a somewhat distinct look. His anniversary present to Ellen Adarna, though? It kind of
A coach-built grand tourer
File under 'British Eccentricity.' Bentley has decided to show the main features of its new design language for the electric era... on a 12-cylinder petrol burner that's the most powerful road car it has ever built.The Batur is another
It will be auctioned off in 2023; proceeds will help fund blood cancer research
The late, great Craig Sager was one of the NBA's most colorful icons-literally. The man was known to sport the quirkiest and brightest suits you'll ever see on a basketball court, and it became his signature throughout his years
It does get a new exhaust system, though
Bentley has unveiled the all-new Continental GT S and drop-topped GTC S, and the first thing you should know is that not very much is new.According to Bentley, the S "focuses on driving performance and visual presence." So it'
The new Flying Spur checks off the last thing on Belo’s bucket list
How do you show affection to your loved ones? According to the famous book The 5 Love Languages, people show love in five different ways: through words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and gift-giving.Now, you're
Part of the brand’s new ‘Five-in-Five’ plan
Big news in the world of very big cars-Bentley has committed to a new 'Five-in-Five' plan.Now, that may sound like the latest in a series of fad diets, but it's supposedly a future-proofing plan that'll
Luxurious to the tiniest detail
What's the definition of 'luxury'? Ask a dictionary and you'll get 'a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.' But if dictionaries came illustrated-and wouldn't life be more fun, though our bookshelves under considerable
In case a regular Mulsanne isn’t grand enough for you
Chances like this don't come up very often. This is your chance to own one of five Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousines, built and delivered to a customer in 2015, but never registered or driven. Though if you can afford one, you
These optional rims are 22 inches in diameter
Great news for those who were thinking about buying a Bentayga but always thought it was around 24kg too heavy-Bentley's Mulliner division has developed an all-new 22-inch wheel that's made exclusively from carbon fiber.Yep, it apparently
Is it convincing enough?
Bentley recently launched a hybrid version of its Flying Spur limo. But we suspect some people won't yet be sold-using V6 power in a car launched as a W12 mightn't immediately scream 'luxury,' no matter how e-boosted that
The second model in the lineup after the Bentayga
Off the back of a record start to the year in terms of sales, profit, and production (it's doing rather well), Bentley has launched this-the Flying Spur Hybrid.Now, Bentley is understandably rather proud of the Flying Spur, so the
In other Bentley things, it can turn into a clock, too
Hands down the most opulent piece of sim-racing kit you're ever likely to lay your hands on, Fanatec's latest rim, the Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3, is designed specifically for the British marque's custom, heavily bewinged 750hp Continental
Bentley aims to promote diversity and equality with this very important art car
Bentley has made a Flying Spur art car. Called the Unifying Spur, its design is a very colorful signpost to how diverse the British carmaker wants to make its business."The 101-year-old company is going through unparalleled change on its
Top speed? Just 290kph
Bentley will be a fully-electric car company by the end of the decade. But for now, it's doing what it's traditionally done best: mighty, petrol-powered luxury cars, the latest of which is the Bentley Bentayga S.It's
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