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Custom add-ons include lab-grown black diamonds and super-rare ruthenium
1 for himself, 6 for fellow enthusiasts
Admit it: Your choice of cars is mainly limited by your budget. Because if money were no object, you'd likely buy the most unique, most out-of-this-world automobile out there. You profess your brand loyalty to Honda or Subaru
Exclusively for Dubai customers
Rolls-Royce is creating a bespoke version of its Phantom Drophead Coupe exclusively for its customers in Dubai.Called the Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe, the vehicle honors India's affinity with the brand which started 100 years ago as the country's
To mark Elizabeth II\'s 60th coronation anniversary
Maybach may be a dying luxury car brand, but that hasn\'t stopped vehicle customization specialist A. Kahn Design to create a special-edition car based on the 6.0-liter 57 S to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II\'
Only 40 units to be made by 2014
A new, small-scale Netherlands-based car manufacturer owned by two siblings, has announced that it is producing a limited number of a classically styled, hand-built sports car that comes with "a reasonable price." The company is Huet Brothers and the
Who knew the rock star was a big Ferrari fan?
Rumors about it have been going on for months. Now, Ferrari has officially confirmed that musician Eric Clapton has commissioned the Italian carmaker to produce a bespoke model that's based on the 458 Italia.Designed by Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration
Because a standard Ferrari FF isn't enough
Neiman Marcus is known for its annual Christmas catalog, which features extravagant gift items with the luxury retail department store calling the most expensive ones in it as its 'Fantasy gifts'. For 2011, the most expensive item in the catalog with a
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