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The Metro Manila Bike Lane Network has officially been inaugurated
Cyclists and commuters in the capital have a lot to smile about today, as the Metro Manila Bike Lane Network has just been officially inaugurated.This project comprises various protected bike lanes from around the metro, including Quezon City's 93km bike
Good news for bikers in the area
Good news for cyclists in Davao City, as the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has officially inaugurated the city's 54.744km bike-lane network.The Metro Davao Bike Lanes span across 14 sections within Davao City. These include Quimpo Boulevard, Sandawa Road,
Thankfully, the NBA great was able to walk it off
Professional athletes, after undergoing years of physical training and honing their bodies to constantly be in peak physical form, are usually built better than the average joe. Retired or not, most of these dudes are used to taking a beating.That said,
MV Agusta is known for its stunning and high-performance motorcycles with distinct engine growls. However, the Italian brand is looking to change things up a bit by stepping into the game with MV Agusta AMO electric bicycles.The e-assisted bike
More of this, please
Cycling around Manila City can be as stressful as it is fulfilling. On one hand, you get to explore the old city and take in its sights and sounds on two wheels, but on the other hand, some areas are pretty chaotic
In case you’re tired of pedaling all the time
Alternative forms of mobility have really taken off over the past year. While a lot of the attention has been focused on electric kick scooters due to their compact form factor and relative affordability, e-bikes might be the way to go
This startup believes so
Biking to work? I've tried it, and yes, I recommend it if you live a bikable distance from your workplace.For starters, I live a convenient 2km away from the Top Gear Philippines office. Taking a bicycle eliminated the 15-minute
You can lend a hand, too
Yes, some local governments are already working to make Metro Manila's roads more friendly to bike users. Thing is, the implementation of bike lanes leaves much to be desired depending on what area you're riding through.One minute you're
Complete with bike combat training
The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has just unveiled its newest two-wheelers. They're not outrageous superbikes, of course, nor are they everyday underbones-they're mere bicycles.You see, the Quezon City local government unit has just launched the QCPD'
It houses a rest area and a bike repair station
Bike advocates around the world have always encouraged people to use bikes for transportation. It not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also lessens carbon emissions-already at a critical level in our atmosphere at this point. With restrictions in public transportation,
The sections add up to a total length of just under 60km
Metro Davao's bike-lane network is set to open in the second week of June-part of the government's efforts to promote active transport in metropolitan areas, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced on June 2.As of May 28,
Get some exercise while maintaining social distancing
The pandemic has made access to public transportation in Metro Manila far worse than it already was. And so urban dwellers are resorting to biking to get from point A to point B, with some rediscovering their love for cycling and others
Part of the Metropolitan Bike Lane Networks project
Good news for cyclists passing through Quezon City: the local government unit has finally inaugurated its 93km intra-city bicycle lane network, which leads to major activity areas in the metro.QC mayor Joy Belmonte is grateful to the Department of Transportation (
“Let us be responsible road users”
A call for cyclists to follow traffic rules on the road was issued recently by one of the more popular content creators in the country.Carlo P. Carlon, known as The Cyclelogist on YouTube, recently posted on his Facebook page two videos
It’s voluntary, but residents are encouraged to do so
Any cyclists here from Quezon City? If you often take your bicycles to go around the locale, then this is something that might be of interest to you: the local government unit's new voluntary bike registration program.The program was launched
Do you see yourself spoiling your kid with this?
An affordable Bentley? Yes. At just £450 (a little over P30,000), this Bentley is relatively affordable. The catch is you're going to have to settle for two wheels and no engine, though. Well, that, and you're not really going
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