Two new lanes for pedal-powered conveyance
In an effort to increase foot and bicycle traffic, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has opened bicycle lanes in Quezon City. The new 2.105km bike lane covers the northbound lane of Ortigas to Santolan along EDSA. Another shorter bike lane, 982.
There's more to the project than the 1km bike lane
Last week, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority introduced the bike lane/bike-sharing system on EDSA. Some of you have expressed appreciation for the initiative. But what's next after the inauguration of the cyclist-friendly system in Makati?
From Magallanes to Ayala Avenue
You can now ride a bicycle along a certain portion of EDSA.The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has just launched its bike-lane project along EDSA, a 1km bike lane and bike-sharing system from Magallanes to Ayala Avenue. The P361,424 
An appeal to both motorist and cyclist
Whether you ride a bike or hate just the sight of a cyclist taking up space on the road, please take a moment to read what I have to say: Nobody wins when a motorist and a cyclist collide. The car gets
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