This is the variant we've been waiting for
There are two types of car guys: Those who love wagons, and those who are not yet full-fledged car guys. To the former, let us rejoice and be happy. BMW Philippines just brought back the wagon body style, called 'Touring' in
A mix of icons, legends, and important models
Do you ever wonder what cars were launched in your birth year? If not, maybe it's time to do so because some might surprise you. But if you have, it's nice to see which models share the same age as
Just make sure you have a daily
Once almost exclusively unloved/turned into pretend M-Sport cars, now coming into vogue if you can find one that hasn't done moon mileage or needs a full body respray/new sills/dampers/brakes, etc. That makes this generation of 3
But when is the Touring coming?
Before the end of 2022, BMW Philippines announced that it will launch a several new and updated models for the 2023 model year. So far, the brand has kept up with that promise by launching the all-electric iX3 by the start
An absolutely insane build
Believe it or not, this car started life as a bog-standard 1995 BMW 325. Owner Carl Balzer saved this once-dignified German sedan from the scrapyard, stripped it down to its most basic elements and then went to town creating a
Is that a hint of E36 we see there at the back?
BMW has resurrected an old name for its new electric car. And this isn't it. This isn't BMW's new, erm, 'Neue Klasse' - a reference describing its game-changing sedans from the Sixties that morphed into what we now know
EVs, new sedans, and even a wagon
BMW fans in the country are in for good news this coming 2023. During the company's thanksgiving event last December 19, it was announced that there are several electrified models coming in, along with an all-new flagship sedan and an
The German carmaker begins manufacturing operations in partnership with THACO
Big changes are up for BMW in the region. The German carmaker has announced its newest partnership with Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) which effectively enables BMW to produce vehicles in Vietnam.BMW's Vietnam operations cover the manufacturing of the 3-
They're more than just BMW tuners
In a nutshell, it's the car person's car company, alongside the likes of Ruf and Dallara. Down to its singular focus, stellar talents and severely limited build numbers, Alpina has become something of a byword for the chosen chariots of
They're different in name, but the similarities are there
Indeed. Just over 20 years separates the sharp, narrowed eyes of the M240i and the slightly ratty, foggy headlights of the (slightly rusty) 328i Sport. Moreover, both cars sit one level below their respective range toppers: the M240i will bow of course,
For your consideration
Car lovers have a weird habit of constantly checking on the value of secondhand units online. We aren't shopping at the moment (nor do we have the money to do so), but it's just something that enthusiasts like us do
Arguably two of the most important new cars BMW will launch this year
It might buoy your spirits to learn that despite the proliferation of SUVs, BMW's biggest seller by some margin is still the 3-Series. And the 4-Series, but that's just a rebadged 3-Series Coupe.Indeed, BMW calls it
China will be the first to get it
If this keeps up, it's only a matter of time until BMW churns out its last internal combustion offering.The first-ever fully-electric BMW 3-Series was recently unveiled by the German car brand, and it's scheduled to go
Got a favorite?
For decades, this was BMW's highest achievement. A superfast V8 two-seater, beautifully built. That package was gift-wrapped in a gorgeous body styled by Albrecht von Goertz. It came about because BMW wanted to make a splash in America, and
SEMA builders never fail to deliver the goods...well, mostly
The builds from SEMA 2021 keep on coming. Not all of them catch our eye for the right reasons-click these blue words for more of those-but every now and again, something crops up that really makes an impression.Today it'
The Germans know how to harness oil better than anyone
It's true-UK sales of motors that drink from the black pump have folded faster than a short-sighted UFC contender.Briefly, diesel occupied a 50% market share in Britain. Right now, only 14% of new cars sold here are diesels.
Wake us up when September ends
We all need some good news at the moment, right? And that good news has arrived with confirmation that the new BMW M3 and M4 are very nearly here, and they'll arrive with a choice of manual or paddle-shift gearboxes,
We love those Ms
Rather like the Queen, BMW has several birthdays (and German blood). The initials stand for 'Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH,' which in turn translates as 'Bavarian Engine Works Company.'Its roots begin in 1913, and a company called Rapp-Motorenwerke that made aircraft
Who doesn't love wagons?
If you've ever graced these pages before, you'll know exactly how much we love almost everything that Alpina builds. You'll also know that the new 455hp B3 Touring holds a special place in our hearts, because BMW flat-out
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