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A South African special from the ’70s
Not just cool, but rare, too. This is the only car that remains from a very limited run of 530 'MLE' special-edition cars built by BMW South Africa in the mid '70s. BMW found it and restored it, and now you
And an ‘electric overboost’ function
As of November, the ubiquitous BMW 520d is set to get a new mild-hybrid system. The setup comprises a 48V starter-generator and a second battery, and BMW says the additional power harvested will be used to power ancillaries and for
Please, someone go rescue these classics
Well here's something you don't see every day: Eleven brand-new, effectively un-driven E34-era BMW 5-Series units, seemingly left to rot in a warehouse in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, in distinctly mysterious circumstances.These pictures have been circulating on
Gloriously driven
Mostly it competes against the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Both are colossally powerful V8 turbo sedans with mostly four-wheel drive but a RWD mode for when you just don't like your rear tires any more.Anyway, despite the name, it
Why do spies get the best cars?
The message didn't come from a pair of Oakley sunglasses or a mini projector that self-destructed, but it was just as exciting. BMW Philippines contacted me about a test drive recently. The offer, should I choose to accept it, was
A slide-happy Bimmer
Time to get friendly with your local tire-fitter: It's a new BMW M5. But such a clichéd intro line might not be relevant here, because BMW has succumbed and made the most famous sports sedan of them all four-
Driving enthusiasts wanted
The BMW 5-Series was recently unveiled at the BGC Arts Center in Taguig earlier today. The model, which we drove in Portugal last March for our cover story, is finally available here.The launch was classy, to say the least, and
Better safe than sorry
Official BMW distributor Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC) is calling for owners of select models of the German brand to get in touch with their dealerships regarding what the company calls a "technical upgrade campaign."The campaign entails a free, two-part "complimentary
462hp V8 goodness
This is another one of those nearly M cars, isn't it? It is indeed: the M Performance treatment, which has turned out none too bad for the M140i, M240i and M760Li, forged into the shape of the new BMW 5-Series.
We drove the premium sedan in Portugal
It's dreary as we're about to land in Lisbon, Portugal-quite worrisome since the forecast for the next few days is supposed to be sunny. While the roads are still drenched from a downpour, however, the weather appears to be
A brief rundown of the model's history
The BMW 5-Series has been in the market for 45 years. Now that the seventh generation has been launched, let's take a look at the past iterations of this midsize luxury sedan E12. The first-generation 5-Series was launched
Will be launched this month
The seventh-generation BMW 5-Series, codenamed G30, will be launched globally on February 11, 2017. We got our hands on it in Lisbon, Portugal last December. And here are eight changes to look forward to with the new model:1) DesignThe
Old but gold
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Car restoration in the middle of the woods. We've all run into decrepit, rust-covered rides we wish we could take home. This
Explains controversial '8' plate
Contrary to popular belief, getting married and starting a family isn't necessarily a death sentence for gearheads and car nuts. We've actually featured dozens of happy car-loving couples on our Facebook page in prenup shoots, or simply posing with
Both classy and sporty
On its own, the all-new BMW 5-Series is the kind of luxury sedan that you'd expect to see being driven by the CEOs of the world. The kind of corporate bigwigs who have their own corner office about a
It's a very connected car
So the new Bimmer for executives has landed, and unlike the previous-generation 5-Series that took some time to grow on us, so far we dig what we see. Here are the highlights from what we know so far. 1) As
A leap forward in car security
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.No modern car would be complete without some sort of anti-theft device. Whether it's a simple steering wheel lock or a sophisticated
Packing 600hp under its hood
The newest special-edition BMW is here. It's called the M5 Competition Edition, and it develops 600hp. We're quite sure the M5's arrival just before AMG reveals the new 605hp E63 is just a "coincidence."M Division geeks will
Over 200 cars to be fielded
When it comes to endorsements, few recommendations are better than knowing the government trusts a car brand to transport foreign dignitaries. In BMW's case, it has recently been tasked by the Department of Foreign Affairs to serve as the VIP mobility
Cringe-inducing to say the least
The BMW M5 Nurburgring taxi--or Ring-Taxi, as it is popularly known--is driven by only the most skilled drivers recognized by the German carmaker. And for only 225 euros, the famed circuit's official site says that you "can enjoy
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