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It's been a few days (or weeks, depending on when you read this) since the all-new BMW 5-Series made its world premiere. It was introduced as the i5 pure electric models, and both launch models wore M Sport kits.
Going more and more electric
There are quite a few firsts packaged into this new, eighth-generation BMW 5 Series, but the most pressing will likely be the fact it's the first time you'll look at a 5er and think, 'hmm, that looks a bit
A direct response to the all-new E-Class
If you recall a few weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz announced the launch date of the sixth-generation E-Class just days after BMW previewed the all-new 5 Series. It was an interesting way of making noise for the executive car and
Bimmer fans, it’s coming this year
The BMW 3 Series may be Bavaria's sales driver, but it's actually the 5 Series that rakes in the dough. The 5 Series is one of the most important models the company makes, and its success is vital to the
The German carmaker begins manufacturing operations in partnership with THACO
Big changes are up for BMW in the region. The German carmaker has announced its newest partnership with Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) which effectively enables BMW to produce vehicles in Vietnam.BMW's Vietnam operations cover the manufacturing of the 3-
They're more than just BMW tuners
In a nutshell, it's the car person's car company, alongside the likes of Ruf and Dallara. Down to its singular focus, stellar talents and severely limited build numbers, Alpina has become something of a byword for the chosen chariots of
A lone variant, the 520i Luxury, is available at launch
If you're looking to buy something from the local BMW 5-Series line, but aren't quite ready to put down P13.69 million for the M5 Competition at the very top of the food chain, here's your other option:
They stood out in the briefest of appearances
Say what you will about the film (just not 'Martha', please), there is one truly shining, unexpected motoring moment. Not when Batman literally guns down goons in his cartoonish Batmobile, but when Bruce Wayne pulls up to a lavish gala in an
And, if you go for the M550i, arguably more satisfying to drive than an M5
Believe it or not, we're into the seventh generation of BMW 5-Series. Halfway through it, in fact, for the car you see here is the midlife update of the 'G30' model. It's BMW's oldest nameplate, and in 2022,
It boasts a total system output of 394hp and 600Nm of torque
BMW decided to give the 5-Series some notable updates earlier in 2020. Apart from the redesign up front, the sedan also got new plug-in hybrid setups under its hood, expanding the 5-Series PHEV lineup even further.The first two (
Alongside hybrid and conventional powertrains
Yep, the 5- and 7-Series are about to get fully-electric versions, as BMW pushes to cut CO2 emissions by at least a third per vehicle by 2030. It's also aiming to cut emissions from its factories and facilities by
Its engine puts out 613hp and 799Nm
Still can't decide which latest release deserves a spot in your dream garage? Well, Internet, here's a serious contender that most definitely occupies a space in mine. It is of course the updated Alpina B5, which is based on the
Both the local and global automotive industry has been pretty busy as of late
The German carmaker is improving its customer offerings
With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, the automotive industry is adjusting its products and services to better reach its customers. SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation, the country's official BMW distributor, has just announced some big changes to its
New looks, new tech, new engine options
A busy day for facelifts over at BMW. The 5-series saloon and Touring, and the 6-series Gran Turismo, have been given a gentle application of the mid-life fairy dust.If you've been following recent developments at BMW you
Effortless to ride and to drive
Very much so. And don't forget that, with the i3 and the i8, the German carmaker was one of the first to embrace electricity. The 5-Series is another one following a route down this path, although in this case, it'
A South African special from the ’70s
Not just cool, but rare, too. This is the only car that remains from a very limited run of 530 'MLE' special-edition cars built by BMW South Africa in the mid '70s. BMW found it and restored it, and now you
And an ‘electric overboost’ function
As of November, the ubiquitous BMW 520d is set to get a new mild-hybrid system. The setup comprises a 48V starter-generator and a second battery, and BMW says the additional power harvested will be used to power ancillaries and for
Please, someone go rescue these classics
Well here's something you don't see every day: Eleven brand-new, effectively un-driven E34-era BMW 5-Series units, seemingly left to rot in a warehouse in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, in distinctly mysterious circumstances.These pictures have been circulating on
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