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It was created together with German film score composer Hans Zimmer
Should the Tesla Model 3 watch out?
Boring though it is to start every electric-car story with a mention of the Tesla Model 3, it'd be neglectful to do otherwise in this case. Because like the massive-selling Tesla, this BMW is a compact sedan with superb
Do you agree?
BMW, it appears, is wrong. It describes its upcoming i4 four-door coupe as "a perfect BMW." Which, as anyone with sentience and eyes will attest, is incorrect. The E46 M3 CSL is a perfect BMW.However, we must grudgingly concede that
526hp, to be exact
Well, color us interested. BMW reckons the drive technology in its upcoming i4 electric four-door coupe will set "new standards in terms of power density, efficiency, and range in locally emissions-free driving."And thus, ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation
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