A hardcore Bimmer
A very late arrival to a party BMW should have been hosting. Way back in 1998, the X5 was one of the very first schport-premium 4x4 SUVs on the scene. Then BMW saw the downsize trend coming way ahead of Mercedes
What’s it like living with a stupendously fast super-sedan? Hint: It’s wonderful
We recently did a drag race between the M5, the Merc-AMG E63 S, and the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. If you want a surprise, watch the film online before you read any further.Done that? Good. The M5 walloped 'em.
Because BMW is refusing to bring back the M5 Touring
BMW hasn't made an M5 Touring since the V10-engined E61. Not enough demand, it says. Well, German tuner Carbonfiber Dynamics thinks this is utter nonsense (and we agree), so it has made its own. Everyone, say hello to a near-
Gloriously driven
Mostly it competes against the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. Both are colossally powerful V8 turbo sedans with mostly four-wheel drive but a RWD mode for when you just don't like your rear tires any more.Anyway, despite the name, it
Unveiled by Ramon Ang
SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation, the local distributors of BMW, introduced the sixth-generation, F90 M5 to the Philippine market at the San Miguel Corporate Headquarters in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong this morning. It was a rainy Sunday, but a big crowd composed
Meet the Manhart MH5 700
If you think the latest, near-600hp BMW M5 seems a bit tame, then apparently-though surprisingly-you're not alone. This is the Manhart MH5 700, and as well as a bold carbon body kit, it's been turned well past
It lives up to its 'M' badge
This is the new BMW M5 Competition. Following the M2 Competition, it signals a new era where M Division's more focused products come as standalone models, as opposed to being Competition packs.If that sounds confusing, be assured the rest of
A slide-happy Bimmer
Time to get friendly with your local tire-fitter: It's a new BMW M5. But such a clichéd intro line might not be relevant here, because BMW has succumbed and made the most famous sports sedan of them all four-
Packing 600hp under its hood
The newest special-edition BMW is here. It's called the M5 Competition Edition, and it develops 600hp. We're quite sure the M5's arrival just before AMG reveals the new 605hp E63 is just a "coincidence."M Division geeks will
With 800Nm of torque
The BMW M5 is arguably one of the most esteemed performance vehicles of our time. Imagine an executive sedan like the 5-Series having the power, handling and road manners of a supercar, and you'll know why enthusiasts the world over
BMW to release modern version of 3.0 CSL
If you're a BMW aficionado, then you probably dream of cars like the M3, the M5 or even the 2002. While the "everyday" BMWs are already great cars to drive, let's face it: The more powerful models make you salivate
What a difference 30 years makes
In May, we showed you the 30th anniversary edition of the BMW M5, which the German carmaker dubbed the "30 Jahre M5" (translated as "30 years of the M5"). Well, BMW has just released a video of the car in action, showing
Cringe-inducing to say the least
The BMW M5 Nurburgring taxi--or Ring-Taxi, as it is popularly known--is driven by only the most skilled drivers recognized by the German carmaker. And for only 225 euros, the famed circuit's official site says that you "can enjoy
Meet the '30 Jahre M5'
In 1984, the engineers at BMW Motorsport GmbH (now simply called BMW M) set out to create a new performance sedan. They looked at the groundbreaking 3.5-liter six-cylinder in-line engine of the M1 for inspiration, and used the
Beating the previous mark set by a Camaro
With BMW Performance Center instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel, a BMW M5 has broken the Guinness World Record for \"longest sustained drift,\" beating the 11,180m of continuous drifting set by Abdo Feghali in a Chevrolet Camaro in February.Schwartz set
It's a different kind of aftermarket add-on
We all know that BMW's M cars are the German carmaker's high-performance editions of its standard road cars. But did you know that there's actually a way to get "more power" out of a, say, M3 or M5,
Does it enhance or lessen the driving experience?
The BMW M5 is one of the most sought-after high-performance luxury sedans anywhere in the world since it offers spacious seating for up to five people while putting up numbers that are knocking on supercar territory.For the all-new
Includes 1-Series M Coupe, M3, M5 and Z4 M Coupe
BMW has teamed up with video-game developer Eutechnyx to create Auto Club Revolution, an online racing game and car community for the PC.As exclusive launch partner, BMW was involved in the development of the online racing game from the early
A must for anyone who's into cars
A drive around the Nurburgring's Nordschleife circuit should definitely be on the bucket list of anyone who's into cars. The next best thing to that would probably be being driven around it by someone who intimately knows every apex of
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