So... is the 1300 GS up next?
BMW Motorrad has one of the widest and most impressive ranges of adventure bikes among all motorcycle brands. Not that any of those models are starting to feel dated, but it has to be said that the lineup is starting to age.
Available via indent orders only, though
The BMW Joyfest is happening this weekend, August 11 to 13, 2023, at the BGC Amphitheater in Bonifacio Global City. Both cars and bikes as well as various merch from the German brand will be showcased throughout the three-day event.There'
They to call this an ‘eParkourer’ though, not an e-scooter or e-motorcycle
BMW Motorrad is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2023, but despite being an old-timer it has its sights firmly set on convincing young people to buy its latest creation.Known as the BMW CE 02, it's a funkier-styled follow-
The F750 GS has all the power and tech that most riders need
They really don't. But in the case of the F750 GS, it really is the most affordable expressway-legal GS in the BMW Motorrad Philippines stable, and by a huge margin. The 750 starts at P765,000. Its more loaded twin,
Is it really the ultimate adventure bike?
In the world of big bikes, there's one that many refer to as the 'endgame.' You know what I'm talking about: It's the BMW R1250 GS. It's highly considered as the ultimate adventure bike, so much so that,
Only 1,923 units of these were built
Were you able to drop by the 2023 Makina Moto Show this weekend? If you were, then you may have spotted a shiny new bike that took center stage at the BMW Motorrad display: the new R nineT 100 Years Edition.It'
Courtesy of Vagabund Moto
What you're looking at is a BMW CE 04 electric scooter reimagined by Vagabund Moto. The designers and custom builders have served up a slice of the bohemian, surfing aesthetic, which is sure to go down a hit in Vagabund's
It was the brand’s best year yet
The past year was really a darn good one for motorcycle brands. Ducati wasn't the only marque that had a record-setting year (sales-wise) in 2022-BMW Motorrad also had its best one yet.The German manufacturer sold 202,895
Customers can avail of big discounts
In the market for a new bike this year? If so, perhaps you want to give BMW Motorrad some consideration. The German manufacturer is currently offering special deals to kickstart 2023.For those seeking an adventure bike, the BMW R1250 GS Style
Only 1,923 units of each model will be built
It's been 100 years since BMW Motorrad released its first-ever motorcycle, the R32. The bike debuted in September 1923 at the German Motor Show in Berlin packing a 494cc boxer engine. To commemorate this huge milestone, BMW Motorrad has now
These look sick
Truly, what it says on the tin. From head to toe, this R18's channeled stealth mode with lots of black lacquer and black chrome, plus a suite of darkened features including the headlight ring, air filter cover, fuel filler cap, matt
This is only the second M-badged two-wheeler from the brand
Two years since BMW's M division rolled out the first ever M-badged motorcycle, BMW Motorrad is now back to add a new another high-powered bike to the stable: the BMW M1000 R.The new M1000 R-also nicknamed the '
He has officially inked a new partnership with SMCACDC and Petron
TV personality and an icon of the local motorcycle community Kim Atienza has been known as an avid collector of various vintage bikes. Today, however, Kuya Kim veers a bit away from the classics, as he adds a new BMW R1250 GS
Is this special-edition classic worth the hefty price tag?
BMW Motorrad has produced a number of iconic bikes over the decades, but only a few come close to the famed R nineT. I've heard a lot of people call this their dream bike-and not all of them are riders,
I see now why people call this the ‘endgame’ bike
BMW Motorrad Philippines recently took members of the motoring media on an out-of-town ride to check out the soon-to-rise dealership in San Fernando, Pampanga. During this trip, I got the chance to head north astride an R1250 GS -
It will be launched on the birthday of the late Laus Group founder Levy Laus
BMW Motorrad dealerships aren't anything like your run-of-the-mill showrooms. Often, they're places where visitors-BMW owners or otherwise-can have a good time lounging around and checking out the brand's latest bikes.There's another one
BMW has just opened bookings for this new bike in India
It looks like BMW is set to unveil yet another 310cc bike: the BMW G310 RR.The upcoming sportbike has been teased repeatedly in India over the past few weeks, and recently, the motorcycle manufacturer finally confirmed it's the G310 RR
It uses materials like brass, aluminum, and wood
Not often these days that we blurt out "Look at that beautiful BMW!" But these are unprecedented times. Which is why TG feels entirely comfortable bringing news of a two-wheeled contraption for once.This, folks, is the BMW R18 Magnifica. It'
It’s a capable middleweight and arguably a strong competitor in its segment
When it comes to adventure bikes, BMW is king. The GS models are arguably the most recognizable-and nowadays, probably the most common-tollway-legal ADVs out there. It basically has a foothold in the segment.But when you start talking about
Say hello to the—deep breath—BMW M1000 RR 50 Years M anniversary model
BMW Motorrad marked an important milestone in late 2020 as it launched its first-ever M model, the M1000 RR. Now, this relatively fresh two-wheeler is taking part in yet another milestone for the German brand: the 50th anniversary of the
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