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The xDrive25e, which BMW claims is capable of 60km/L, will arrive next year
It grew in all the right ways
Despite having the lowest digit in the X-Series, the X1 cannot lay claim to being the smallest crossover in BMW's lineup. That distinction goes to the new X2, which is a hair wider but shorter and lower than the X1.
Yes, there's a new BMW crossover. Again
There is no stronger indicator that crossovers now rule the world, than by the fact that BMW now has almost as many X models as it has numbered models. We have the 1-Series all the way to the recently announced 8-
It did 34km/L in actual driving conditions
So which diesel vehicle do you think is the most fuel-efficient?After the successful launch of Euro 6-compliant Petron Blaze 100 last year, the petroleum company wasted no time in finding out if there's also an improvement with its
It's a good time to buy a premium crossover
Based on the German carmaker's front-wheel-drive UKL2 platform, the BMW X1 boasts neater proportions than its awkward rear-driven predecessor. Creative body cladding gives the illusion of more ground clearance than the commendable 183mm it already has. Sweet 18in
The second-generation BMW X1 levels up
I wasn't particularly keen on the X1 when the first generation was unveiled eight years ago. Sold on the idea, yes-the demand for small crossover SUVs is simply undeniable. Can't blame BMW for spawning a new class. Since hitting
We take it for a drive to Subic
The BMW X1 began its life as an outlier in the model lineup, back when it was first introduced in 2009. Too small to be a useful SUV and too big to be an ultimate driving machine, the crossover was an odd
Check this out first before buying one
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Let's face it: When we're buying a car, the headlights are probably the least of our concerns. And even when we do
They sweat it out, apparently
Over a bag of chips, our team was having a brainstorming meeting one Tuesday afternoon. It was not exactly brain food, but when we ground the junk food into digestible bits, the crunch somehow helped our brains think of content for the
With extra 18cm of legroom
The other day, we reported that the Chinese have a fondness for long-wheelbase variants of popular vehicles, the BMW X1 being one of them. But what exactly is it that has the market enamored with the German crossover's extra length?
We get first dibs
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The all-new BMW X1 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated models in the German carmaker's line of Sports Activity Vehicles. We
Spot the difference
When BMW first came out with the X range of Sports Activity Vehicles (BMW-speak for SUVs), the world--purists in particular--were up in arms about the whole concept. The mere thought of the blue-and-white propeller brand building off-
Time flies when you're doing well
Not a few eyebrows were raised when BMW announced a decade-and-a-half ago that it would be coming out with an SUV. The German carmaker had been known for its successful motorsports program and exciting M cars. The very definition
For select variants of 3/5/6-Series and X models
Asian Carmakers Corporation, the official distributor of BMW vehicles in the country, is marking another successful year by giving customers a special offer for its FlexiLease program.Until December 31, BMW customers who avail of the program's three-year lease term
A good, light all-rounder
During the BMW X1 media drive, one of the tasks they made us do was to watch a video message from Asian Carmakers Corporation executive director Glen Dasig and answer his question: What are you most excited about the new BMW X1?
How does it look?
BMW apparently believes you can't have too many X models. Already selling a slew of X vehicles (X1, X3, X5 and X6), the Munich-based carmaker has now come up with a fifth one: the X4. Currently still classified as a
Sets a new record time for cars
Restaurateur Elbert Cuenca and boat designer Juny Binamira were the first to finish the 2013 BOSS Ironman Challenge. Driving an M Sport BMW X1 SDrive 1.8d, the tandem finished the clockwise running of the northern Luzon loop from Balintawak to Clark
Help our letter sender decide
Hi, Botchi!First and foremost, I would like to thank you for all the advice you have given everyone. I wrote a year ago regarding a car I would buy, and now I am back to ask another question--this time for
On course to be the top premium car brand at the end of the year
BMW remains the world's best selling premium-car brand with its global sales rising 9.3 percent to 128,446 units for September compared to the same period last year. This puts BMW ahead of its competitors with Mercedes-Benz's
This time, it’s gasoline-fed
Asian Carmakers Corp. has brought in a more affordable variant of BMW's compact crossover: the X1 sDrive18i.Powering the latest variant of the X1 range is a gasoline-fed, 2-liter inline-four engine that delivers 150 horsepower and 200 Newton
BMW X1 units sold out after January launch<br />
Itching to get the all-new BMW X1? If you dilly-dallied on buying following the sport-ute's launch last month, you may have to wait until March to get your unit.Asian Carmakers Corp., the exclusive distributor of BMW
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