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Is the latest iteration of BMW’s littlest SUV any good?
It's BMW's littlest SUV. Only it's no longer quite so little. Just like a 3-Series fills the footprint vacated by an old 5-Series, the X1 now nudges the dimensions of the original X3.But for once we'
They're different in name, but the similarities are there
Indeed. Just over 20 years separates the sharp, narrowed eyes of the M240i and the slightly ratty, foggy headlights of the (slightly rusty) 328i Sport. Moreover, both cars sit one level below their respective range toppers: the M240i will bow of course,
Could this be a sign of rally aspirations?
First things first: BMW hasn't said a single thing about taking on the Dakar Rally. Nor a tilt at Extreme E. All this video shows is a 'Dune Taxi' sliding and slicing its way through a desolate and staggeringly beautiful corner
Imagine something like this turning up at your local car meet
Remember when YouTuber Simone Giertz decided to build a Tesla pickup? The 'Truckla' as it was so cleverly called turned heads and raised eyebrows, but not solely for the wrong reasons. The world was waiting for Tesla to unveil its pickup back
Not all is as it seems
If we didn't know any better, we'd say it looks like BMW is hedging its bets on the future of propulsion. As such, it's begun building its own fuel cells in Munich, the first of which will power a "
Is this special-edition classic worth the hefty price tag?
BMW Motorrad has produced a number of iconic bikes over the decades, but only a few come close to the famed R nineT. I've heard a lot of people call this their dream bike-and not all of them are riders,
A sign of things to come
This is your first look at a proper BMW M electric car. Full electric car. It's a "so-called concept test vehicle" that allows M to begin testing drive systems for its EVs of the future.At its core sits a
The updated crossover boasts a fresh new look and modern tech
SMC Asia Car Distributors (SMCACDC) is spicing up the local BMW lineup with the launch of its newest crossover, the BMW X3.The X3 lands in our market bearing that signature Bimmer look with a reasonably sized kidney grille up front flanked
I see now why people call this the ‘endgame’ bike
BMW Motorrad Philippines recently took members of the motoring media on an out-of-town ride to check out the soon-to-rise dealership in San Fernando, Pampanga. During this trip, I got the chance to head north astride an R1250 GS -
BMW was always into the arts
An engineer turned sculptor, Calder became famous for his huge abstract 'mobiles', a form of kinetic art that initially used motors to work but then relied on air currents. Rehearsed his art car moves on an aircraft for US carrier Braniff."My
It will be launched on the birthday of the late Laus Group founder Levy Laus
BMW Motorrad dealerships aren't anything like your run-of-the-mill showrooms. Often, they're places where visitors-BMW owners or otherwise-can have a good time lounging around and checking out the brand's latest bikes.There's another one
Can't wait for the next BMW M2? AC Schnitzer's got you
Getting impatient waiting for the new BMW M2 ahead of its unveil in October? Us too, especially since we drove a prototype and BMW told us it'd have "similar performance" to the old M2 CS. But we've good news:
It really isn’t that hard, people
Call me short-tempered, but motorists who refuse to use their turn signals on the road really piss me off. It takes one flick of a stalk that's literally right at your fingertips to let other people know where you're
This might be Alpina's last hurrah for diesel performance
This is the new Alpina D4 S Gran Coupe. In some respects a last hurrah: diesels aren't as popular as they used to be, and Alpina has been swallowed up by the BMW mothership.So it's one of the final
BMW has just opened bookings for this new bike in India
It looks like BMW is set to unveil yet another 310cc bike: the BMW G310 RR.The upcoming sportbike has been teased repeatedly in India over the past few weeks, and recently, the motorcycle manufacturer finally confirmed it's the G310 RR
If could've been the first road-going V8 M3
What, you may be thinking, is this doing here? It's clearly an E46 CSL, and they did that one. Built 1,383 of them in fact. It was the first M3 to have a carbon roof, accompanying the famous carbon airbox.
It uses materials like brass, aluminum, and wood
Not often these days that we blurt out "Look at that beautiful BMW!" But these are unprecedented times. Which is why TG feels entirely comfortable bringing news of a two-wheeled contraption for once.This, folks, is the BMW R18 Magnifica. It'
It’s a capable middleweight and arguably a strong competitor in its segment
When it comes to adventure bikes, BMW is king. The GS models are arguably the most recognizable-and nowadays, probably the most common-tollway-legal ADVs out there. It basically has a foothold in the segment.But when you start talking about
309hp, 493Nm of torque, and a massive kidney grille
Where once we had the futuristic, revolutionary i3, we now have the BMW iX1. Yep, BMW is continuing with its plans to seemingly offer an all-electric version of every car it currently builds, the latest being its teeniest posh crossover. The
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