Because the competition is tough
We believe the Nissan Navara is already the sportiest contender in its category. We've flung this truck into tight corners on the roads to Zambales, and it has rewarded us by displaying its remarkable handling.So it came as a pleasant
Can this sedan be more economical?
The last time we did an economy run with our Aero-Vios, some readers complained that the results could have been affected by the traffic encountered on the day of the test. That's completely fair, because traffic does affect fuel economy.
Read this if you're interested
Last Wednesday night, a Filipino startup company called H2O Technologies officially launched the Salamander amphibious trike concept, a locally made three-wheel special-purpose vehicle that can travel both on land and in water. We knew many people would be interested in
See the photos and watch the video
If you're into car customization, the name Atoy Llave will certainly ring a bell. The man behind A-Toy Bodykits and the company's aftermarket exterior designs is quite popular among Filipino car lovers. The curious thing you see here--the
For those who don't like stock-looking cars
Within its price range, the Honda City is arguably the best subcompact sedan on the market today. We drove City units going up and down Tagaytay, to attend the media sneak peek for the Brio and the Brio Amaze. The smooth and
It's time to drive the car
After a few afternoons wasted fabricating parts on our fantabulous Toyota Vios bodykit, it's finally time to go out and see if all that work will pay off.I finally tape the wheel skirts to the car. They're not as
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