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Bong Nebrija now heads the Task Force Special Operations and Anti-Colorum Unit
This practice can be deadly
Remember when portions of EDSA were covered in mud-whether intentionally or unintentionally, we don't know-not once, not twice, but thrice? The shenanigans essentially turned parts of the thoroughfare into a mini off-road course.It was one of the
Now this is what we call dedication
One of the biggest factors when it comes to traffic management on EDSA during the pandemic is vehicle count. Many decisions, such as when and when not to implement the number coding scheme, partly depend on the volume of cars that pass
“Konting disiplina naman”
Keeping public transport flowing in a smooth fashion isn't the only reason the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is trying to keep motorbikes out of the EDSA Busway lane. Besides maintaining order, the agency is trying to keep both riders and
When will this madness end?
Okay, this is getting out of hand. Someone has dumped mud all over a portion of EDSA again, and it appears authorities aren't any closer to catching the perpetrator (or perpetrators, if this isn't the work of a single motorist).
What could have caused this?
It appears the Pasig City government has a mystery on its hands over in Ortigas.In a Facebook post, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared footage taken in the area showing large cracks along Topaz Road-a dangerous
Is there a serial ‘mudder’ running loose?
Last week, somebody-supposedly by accident-turned a portion of EDSA into a miniature off-roading course. We even joked that Jimny owners might have been disappointed to see the muck was cleared up before they could have a bit of fun
Calling all Jimny owners
Now, we know what the off-roading lot among you are thinking-unfortunately for your Jimnys, Jeeps, and Defenders, however, all this muck has been cleared up already.On a serious note, though, a dump truck caused quite a mess on EDSA
If you’re caught, just accept the consequences
Nobody who has to be out and about on a daily basis digs this kind of weather. Sure, it's cool, but traffic moves at a snail's pace, it's inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous, too. Some motorists, however, see these conditions
Think this is doable?
Expecting road closures around the Batasang Pambansa for president Rodrigo Duterte's final State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 26? Take a chill pill, because the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) says it might not even be necessary. In an
“Pangit naman po yun”
In case you missed it, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) laid out its reasons for holding off from reimplementing the number coding scheme last week.Long story short, the agency believes suddenly reimplementing the measure while the capital's public transportation
Definitely not a good look
Well, this definitely isn't a good look for the underground motorbike ride-hailing industry.In a Facebook post, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija shared that agency enforcers recently apprehended a habal-habal rider along EDSA. A distressed
SMC begins collecting toll fees today
Have you been a Skyway Stage 3 regular since the new piece of infrastructure opened late in 2020? If so, you're probably at a crossroads now, as San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has begun collecting toll fees after letting motorists use the
Apparently, it isn’t that hard
In this day and age, opting for a fake Land Transportation Office (LTO) driver's license instead of a legitimate one really isn't an option that should appeal to anyone. The process of applying for a license isn't as inconvenient
Always be sure to check the helmet a rider hands you
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) continues its crusade against illegal habal-habal riders. In a Facebook post yesterday, agency traffic chief Bong Nebrija lambasted the underground motorcycle ride-hailing industry anew, saying its existence undermined the efforts of legitimate services like
What is your take on this issue?
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic chief Bong Nebrija has a message for riders who obstruct traffic while taking shelter from the rain: You're endangering yourselves.In a Facebook post, Nebrija vented his frustrations regarding motorcycle riders who hide under overpasses
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